6 Brands That Carry Iron/Wrinkle-Free Shirts For Men

6 Brands That Carry Iron/Wrinkle-Free Shirts For Men
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Let’s face it, ironing your shirt(s) no matter if you are wearing it for work or other like attending a formal event or simply putting together a smart casual look can be… well, a chore. Thankfully, you can always settle for getting yourself some non-iron/wrinkle-free/wrinkle-resistant shirts. They save you time from frequent ironing (imagine if you are in a hurry) and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles and creases that make you look like you just had a war with your shirt. Well, long story short, below are the 6 brands that carry iron/wrinkle-free shirts for men in alphabetical order.

1) Dockers – Signature Stain Defender® Shirt

Dockers may have been synonymous with its signature khakis. But they are no slouches either when comes to their Signature Stain Defender shirt collection. Shirts that are just timeless in their design and also offer a tried-and-true classic, yet comfortable fit. The highlights of their shirts? The No Wrinkle and Stain Defender technology. The former turns out to be made from a specially developed fabric that doesn’t crease or wrinkle easily. The latter repels water-based liquids off the shirt if say, when you accidentally spill your drink from a cup.

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Dockers - Signature Stain Defender® Shirt
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2) Giordano – Men’s Cotton Oxford Wrinkle-Free Long Sleeve Shirt

Giordano’s range of men’s cotton Oxford long-sleeve shirts are made from 100% cotton. They feel comfortable to wear while the medium-thick fabric makes them suitable for all-purpose wear. In other words, you can wear them for work or a smart casual look. And the good news is, these Giordano shirts are wrinkle-free too.

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Giordano - Men's Wrinkle-Free Cotton Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt
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3) M&S – Regular/Slim Fit Non-Iron Pure Cotton Shirt

Be it regular or slim fit, M&S — Marks & Spencer — got you covered here with their range of non-iron pure cotton shirts. The cotton material means you can wear them comfortably with classic tailoring details on the collars, cuffs and sleeves, which make you look dapper. The biggest takeaway of these M&S shirts is the non-iron finish. They are easy to care for, saving you time and effort from ironing the shirts each time you want to wear them. Available in long and short-sleeved shirt varieties.

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M&S - Regular/Slim Fit Non Iron Pure Cotton Shirt
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4) Padini – Padini Work Non-Iron Short/Long Sleeve Shirt

Available in long and short sleeves, Padini Work’s non-iron shirt collection offers regular and slim-fit choices. They have chest pockets included and above all, the shirts are made using specially treated fabrics. The kind of fabrics that are wrinkle-free without the constant need of ironing even after you wear them for hours. All of their non-iron shirt collection uses 100% cotton material.

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Padini - Padini Work Non-Iron Short/Long Sleeve Shirt
Image Credit: padini.com

5) Oxwhite – Men Slim Fit Pocket Shirt

Oxwhite’s Men Slim Fit Pocket Shirt comes in classic choices of colours — black, white and light blue. Designed to fit Asian men, the shirts feature semi-cutaway collars, meaning you can wear them with or without a tie. The wrinkle-resistant fabrics allow you to look sharp all day long minus the unsightly creases. And less need for ironing too. Other highlights include pucker-free seams that keep your shirt well-structured without looking saggy and highly breathable superior premium cotton.

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Oxwhite - Men Slim Fit Pocket Shirt
Image Credit: oxwhite.com

6) Uniqlo – Super Non-Iron Long Sleeve Shirt

Uniqlo’s Super Non-Iron Long Sleeve Shirts are ideal for all occasions. You can wear them formally or in a smart casual way. They come in semi-wide collars, making them versatile for different tie widths. Made from 100% cotton, the shirts are comfortable to wear and they are also specially treated to minimise wrinkles and less ironing. Among other key highlights of these Uniqlo dress shirts include the slender cut and glossy fabric for easy pairing or layering.

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Uniqlo - Super Non-Iron Long Sleeve Shirt
Image Credit: uniqlo.com/my
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