5 Best House Cleaning Tools In Malaysia For Easy Cleaning

House Cleaning Tools in Malaysia

There’s no running away from cleaning the house, and you can do so with conventional cleaning tools like brushes, brooms, buckets and mops. However, modern living is such that we prefer to make better use of our time to improve our quality of lives, not slave away to cleaning! If you do not want to clean the house yourself, you can always employ domestic helpers. Alternatively, you can also check out these handy house cleaning tools that will infinitely make cleaning a happier affair! These products will help you clean more efficiently and effectively than conventional tools, and these appliances make the list based on effectiveness, convenience, ease of use and affordability.

1) Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum

Sweeping causes dust to fly about and re-settle on surfaces, which is why vacuuming has taken over as a standard cleaning method for both hard and carpeted floors. Since Black & Decker launched the first cordless vacuum in 1979, much has changed over the last 40 years. Nowadays, mention “vacuum”, and the first name that pops up is probably “Dyson” as they popularised the stick type cordless vacuum since 2009. Consumers are pampered with a wide variety of stick type cordless vacuum ranges in price from a few hundred to a few thousand Ringgit each, depending on brand and model. One that is high on our recommendation list is the Corvan Cordless Vacuum, high in specifications but priced at a very reasonable RM600 to RM700 range. It is designed with the latest technology in cordless vacuuming, incorporating the ultra-efficient brushless vacuuming motor and a 4-stage dirt separation system with 0.3 micron HEPA filtration. Its 105AW strong suction power rivals most of the wired conventional vacuum cleaners and is excellent at removing household debris, dust and hair. The motorised anti-hair-tangle brush head, dusting tool, crevice tool and motorised mattress cleaning tool (anti-dust mites) allow cleaning from floors to bed, wall and even the ceiling!

2) Cordless Mop

After vacuuming, it is common to follow up with mopping to wipe away grime, footprints and sticky stains. Even mop choices are aplenty, all aiming to replace the traditional mop and bucket. Forget about all the choices that make your head spin and take a look at the cordless Corvan picaMop. Touted as the cleanest and lightest mop, the dual spinning scrubbing cordless mop is inspired by commercial scrubbing mops (as used in shopping malls). The mop weighs 3kg, but it feels really light and is a breeze to use. Sponge-padded microfibre pads clean the floor while giving that polished feel. In fact, it can mop up to a 4,000 square feet floor area within 40 minutes–more than twice the speed of any other type of mop! Forget about water marks as well with this mop! Clean, convenient, speedy and effortless, the Corvan picaMop will totally change your impression of moping while mopping!

3) Cordless Power Scrub

Power scrub

Let’s face it, scrubbing is one of the most physically demanding, time-consuming chores of all time. Your best bet? A cordless power scrub! Check out Corvan’s cordless Power Scrub, which is high torque and waterproof, featuring five cleaning tools to clean any material from painted surface to glass panels, wood, bricks, tiles and marble. All you have to do is hold and guide the scrub with minimal force, and the spinning scrubs will do all the hard work for you. The result? It saves about 70% of your time, not to mention your energy! As a cordless gadget is convenient, many users are also using it as a car polisher/buffer. However, due to its size, it is unable to fit into narrow crevices, so you might still want to have an old toothbrush handy for those hard-to-reach places. Water tank and swimming pool scrubbing, anyone?

4) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

Robotic vacuum and mop

If you have a slightly higher budget, it’s time to do away with the mundane tasks of mopping and sweeping the floors by yourself. You may have heard of or even used one of them yourself–robot vacuum cleaners! Take a look at the picaBot today, the pioneer in the Malaysia robot vacuum market, and in the lead for the past 12 years. The picaBot has undergone several evolutions, and the latest picaBot AI (Artificial Intelligence) series robotic cleaner can vacuum, mop, sweep and disinfect at the same time! Its LiDAR Active Mapping Technology combined with 36 sets of high-spec sensors enable the robot to clean every inch of your floor systematically in daylight and total darkness! Besides that, the extra-long double side brush and meticulous movements help the robot clean corners, edges of walls and around obstacles extremely thoroughly. It also has an excellent suction power of 2,300Pa to pick up very fine dust, hair and even particles of a peanut size! As it mops exceptionally well, you can also add disinfecting floor detergent into the large 300ml electronic controlled mopping system to disinfect the floor at the same time. The 3-stage HEPA filtration system is removable and washable too! For added convenience, you can control the WiFi-connected picaBot from anywhere in the world. It comes with a range of useful features including no-go zones, area cleaning, schedule cleaning, and it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. The picaBot comes in 3 models (Lite+, Elite+ & Pro+) to cater to various sizes of houses. 

5) High Pressure Washer

High pressure washer

If this is your first introduction to a high pressure washer, here’s what it does. A high pressure washer uses pressurised pulses of water jet to remove dirt on various surfaces, and it is a corded device. A note of warning though: pressure washers can be very dangerous and should only be operated by an able-bodied adult. The Karcher K2 model is equipped with a 120bar pressure, a 360l/h flow rate, a lance, trigger gun and cable storage. There is also a detergent suction tube for application of detergents if you want to give your car that “snow wash” treatment. With the Karcher K2, literally feel the power in your hands as you direct the powerful jets to clean surfaces of mold, dirt, mud and other nasties. All you need is a power source and water supply! If you are using it in a location further away from a power and water source, remember to prepare a power extension cord and a water hose. Affordable, compact and lightweight, this high pressure washer will definitely ease your workload!

Tempted by the convenience of these tools? They certainly are handy, and will allow you more leisure time! Check them out and let us know what you think!