12 Aesthetic Handmade Homewares That Make Beautiful Gifts

aesthetic handmade homewares
Image Credit: Creative Resin Art & OOāK Wares

While it is more convenient to buy mass produced homewares that you can easily find in shopping malls, these products wouldn’t really stand out or be unique as most people would also have access to them. If you are looking to gift homewares that are beautiful and special, why not go for handmade products that will surely be one-of-a-kind?

Check out these 12 handmade homewares that will surely elevate the aesthetic of any homes – plus you get to #supportlokal!

1) Handmade Artisanal Concrete @ BentukBentuk® by Adesh&Shahfiq

Co-founded by Adesh and Shahfiq in 2016, the idea for BentukBentuk® was hatched as there were not many people who were selling products made with concrete back then. It started out as a hobby of making pot planters, but they have now expanded to be the leading brand in handmade concrete decor in Malaysia. With more choices of home decor such as coasters, trays, and soap dishes, you can expect cute and charming designs in their collections.

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Image Credit: www.bentukbentuk.com

2) Handcrafted local homewares @ Akar

Another place to find handcrafted cement homewares, Akar was founded by Azam after leaving his full-time job during the pandemic. The products at Akar are truly one-of-a-kind as they are not reproduced after being sold out. On a monthly basis, Akar will release a unique series of concrete homewares such as coasters, trays and holders. Each month will see different patterns, colours, designs and even products. If you are looking for a gift that is unique, this is the place to go.

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Image Credit: Akar Facebook

3) Minimalist concrete home decor @ Jen Sp.ace

The concrete home decor at Jen Sp.ace are perfect for those looking for a minimalist aesthetic. With unpretentious colours and designs, the products from Jen Sp.ace would blend into any homes and yet still stand out for their simplicity. Products such as the business card and pen holder, coaster and ashtray would look great anywhere in the home to create that effortlessly chic vibe.

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Image Credit: jensp.ace Instagram

4) One-of-a-kind Jesmonite homewares @ OOāK Wares

Looking for fun and vibrant homewares? You can definitely find them at OOāK Wares with their wide range of homewares such as trays, coasters, pots, accessories and even gift sets. Pronounced as ‘oak’ while also being the acronym for one-of-a-kind, OOāK Wares hope to celebrate the beauty of imperfections through their sustainable homewares. An interesting product that they have is the JesMin which combines jesmonite and epoxy resin to create aesthetically pleasing and functional homewares.

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5) Handmade ceramics @ Shiramics Pottery Studio

Magical, whimsical, quirky, and captivating — these are the words to describe the ceramic products that you can find at Shiramics Pottery Studio. A thousand possibilities from just one lump of clay, Shi handmakes her ceramic pieces all by herself. While her products look absolutely adorable, you can be sure that they are functional as well. Be honest with me, wouldn’t your day brighten up just by drinking from this cute flower mug?

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Image Credit: Shiramics.com

6) Clay dish/tray @ Yankee West Coast

With the quirkiest design that would stand out in your room or your table or even on your fingers, the clay products from Yankee West Coast will surely delight any who lays their eyes on them. You may think that they look imperfect, but it is their imperfections that make them unique. Yankee West Coast also makes chunky clay rings that are perfect as a gift for the eccentric and unconventional person in your life. Look out for when they open their commissions to get the chance to customise your own clay creation.

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Image Credit: Yankee West Coast Shopee

7) Resin homeware @ Creative Resin Art

A home business that started out as a hobby, Creative Resin Art specialises in resin trays and coasters. Their products can also be customised to be made even more personal if you are looking for a special gift. They have also helped their customer preserve and dry their own flowers to be included in the resin product. This is a wonderful idea that would make a memorable gift for someone you love.

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Image Credit: Creative Resin Art Facebook

8) Resin craft @ Little Chérie

If you are looking for a more colourful and vibrant aesthetic, look no further than Little Chérie. With beautiful flower designs of every colour and shade in their products, these will surely stand out in any home. Their products include coasters with holder, 3-tiered tray, and pop socket. They would make great gifts for the people who loves to serve and entertain people in their homes. These would definitely gain them some compliments!

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Image Credit: Little Chérie Instagram

9) Crochet products @ Kely B

If you know someone who loves all things crochet, this is where you should be shopping for their gift. From coasters to doilies to kitchen hand towels, they are all meticulously and beautifully crocheted by hand. You can also find baby blanket, water bottle bag and scrunchie set among others on sale. As someone who has a mother who crochets, I understand the huge amount of work and time that is spent on creating just one product. There’s just something sweet and meaningful when these are given as gifts.

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Image Credit: Kely B Instagram

10) Crochet sets @ Kathy Crochet Gift Shop

Another crochet idea for a beautiful and useful gift, Kathy Crochet Gift Shop currently sells doily placemat and coaster sets of various colours. The designs are simple with colours that stand out — making them ideal for everyday use. The products are made with 100% cotton, high quality and sturdy wool that can last forever. The coasters don’t have to be just for mugs, they can also be used as a cosy little rug for your plant babies or candles.

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Image Credit: Kathy Crochet Gift Shop Etsy

11) Macramé deco @ Boho Macramé Deco

In case you didn’t know, macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques. This art form has gained popularity in recent years and there are a lot of things that can be made using macramé. For example, Boho Macramé Deco uses macramé to make adorable keychains, coasters, and wall decorations. If you are looking for a more down-to-earth and bohemian vibe, this macramé deco would make the perfect gift. Even I took the chance to get myself this pretty coaster!

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Image Credit: @JC

12) Wire and yarn wall hangings @ Craffteine

Last but not least on this list, a very unique handmade product that I have not seen anywhere but here – Craffteine (which is a combination of the word ‘craft’ and ‘caffeine’ although she does not sell caffeine) handmakes these pretty and colourful wire and yarn wall hangings. They can be customised according to the design and words that you would like. It looks so simple yet so pretty! Come on, don’t they make the perfect wall decoration in a child’s playroom?   

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Image Credit: Craffteine Instagram

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