10 Awesome Benefits of Being Single

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Having someone to cherish special moments together with us is lovely. However, it is totally fine if you do not have that special someone, because it is awesome to be single! Here are 10 awesome benefits of being single.

1) No heartache or emotional dramas

No endless squabble, cheating and trauma. Being single, you do not have to take on a roller coaster ride and face all ups and downs to keep your relationship working.

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2) You get to save more money

You need to spend on movies, travelling, shopping, anniversary gifts, phone bills etc. when you are dating.  Being single will never have such a problem, you can save more money on literally everything! All money is yours!

3) You get to spend more time with your own friends

You don’t have to engage in awkward conversations with your partner’s annoying and obnoxious friends. You can now have the total freedom to hang out with your own group of friends without feeling guilty.

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4) Freedom to make new friends

You are free to meet new people without having to explain to your partner the story about how you met. You are also free to go out and exchange mobile numbers with anyone, anytime and anywhere… yay!

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5) Less obligation

Being single gives you the opportunity to live your life on your own terms. There will not be someone to set restrictions upon you or strangles you to do stuffs that you like.

6) More ‘Me’ time

You can spend the entire weekend with your Korean drama series, take a long afternoon nap, or play PS4. You do not need to feel neglectful for ignoring all phone calls and disappear from the word. If you are adventurous enough, you can even go for a 2-month backpacking trip in Europe without having to report your daily activities to anyone.

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7) Freedom to create the life you want

You do not need to feel guilty for moving to a new city to pursue a better job opportunity or buy yourself a cool gift and do not need to hide it from your partner. Your decisions affect you and you alone now!

8) Spontaneity

With no curfew and no one demanding your weekends there are lots more freedom of movement.  Last minute trips, a sudden drink with your friends or a midnight rendezvous are all possibilities!

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9) Privacy

You don’t have to share your space with someone. You can have the freedom to clip your toe nails in the living room, eat ice-cream out of the tub, sit like a big boss on the sofa and enjoy your favourite TV show, as well as have the ultimate privacy to talk to your friends without having to leave the room.

10) Everyone is a possibility

When you are single, you get to meet the most amazing people at different events – a random person or an acquaintance you’ve had a crush on forever.  There is nothing to hold you back and you could go all out to search for your future Mr. or Mrs. Right!

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Who says being single is sad? Share your views in the comment box below!