No More Cramped Trips On The Monorail With New Four-Carriage Trains

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Anyone who has been on the Monorail know that the trips can be unpleasant. The trains take a while to arrive and only have two carriages which leads to a cramped experience. Thankfully, KL Monorail is introducing four-carriage trains to help ease our travels.

There were previously four-carriage trains in service but they were suspended for two years. Suspension occurred for because of safety risks.


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Finally they are back! KL Monorail has added three new sets of refurbished trains with four-carriages. It’s also great because it coincides with their 16th anniversary. Having these new trains allows for shorting waiting times and more space for people to get on.

In fact, the new trains have cut back waiting time to just 6.5 minutes during peak hours. This great move to add more trains is the result of everyone voicing out their feedback regarding riding the trains.

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Transport Minister Anthony Loke has said “public transport users have been voicing up, on many occasions via multiple channels including on the wall of my Facebook, how they suffer from the declining standards of KL Monorail services.”

Comments on the trains include cramped and hot conditions leaving many users feeling uncomfortable. In fact, our own Transport Minister has taken the monorail many times and agrees with the sentiments.

The four-car Monorail train is pictured at the Titiwangsa station in Kuala Lumpur August 20, 2019. — Picture by Firdaus Latif
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Conditions in the trains will be so much better because the four-carriage trains can fit up to 500 people.

There’s even better news! Two more sets of four-carriage trains will be added by November. A total of RM122 million is being spent on this project to provide a more  friendly experience.

After the two new trains are added, there will be a six-month period to monitor usage and effectiveness. Hopefully the trains will really improve the traveling experience.