10 Dessert Places in Klang Valley You’d Be Addicted To!

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Calling all Dessert Lovers!! Are you craving for best dessert in town? Here are 10 Dessert places in Klang Valley that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Check them out.

1) Strangers at 47


‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.” A friendly, young, and energetic team is the first thing that will you’ll come across in this place. Then come the awesome 3Cs—Crepes, Cakes and Coffee—of which their Crepes will win your heart over. Available in both styles of savoury and sweet, we strongly recommend you to try out 47’s sweet crepes which come in many wonderful Asian and Western flavours fused together. Strangers at 47 is undoubtedly a top Dessert Heaven!

FB: strangersat47 | IG: @strangersat47

2) Inside Scoop

2-inside-scoop-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to 2-2-inside-scoop-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to

Arguably the best waffle (with ice cream) in town. Their soft waffles will melt in your mouth. Topped with some yummy and interesting ice cream flavours, we assure you that this is a Dessert Heaven worth paying a visit! Their meals are plain and simple, yet very addictive.

FB: MYinsidescoop | IG: @MYinsidescoop

3) Whimsical 


Whimsical stamped its presence with their exotic flavours of ice cream. Have you ever wondered how Nasi Lemak ice cream would taste like? Yes, you can even have that for your waffle brunch. Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

FB: whimsicalcaffe | IG: @mywhimsical

4) Sugar Rush


If you are a big fan of cakes, then Sugar Rush is a must-visit for you—a nice, cosy, and friendly café which specialises in variety of cakes made from home recipes. Not only are their cakes are yummy-licious, they are also freshly made. Do check out their signature best-seller, chocolate ganache with salted buttercream. Also worth noting is their creative new debut cake, such as the coffee oreo with chocolate ganache and peanut butter frosting.

FB: sugarrush.desserts | IG: @sugarrush_desserts

5) Cielo Dolci


Cielo Dolci, pronounced as “ceh-lo dol-chee”, means “heaven’s dessert” in Italian, which resonates perfectly with this article. Just so you know, Whimsical is under the same umbrella as Cielo Dolci and the famous Nasi Lemak ice cream was originally by Cielo Dolci. There are 8-9 permanent gelato flavours like hazelnut and pistachio at Cielo Dolci, but there are also 2-3 surprising seasonal flavours.

FB: cielodolci | IG: @cielodolci

6) Nadeje

6-nadeja-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to 6-2-nadeja-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to

Established since 2006, Nadeje prides itself on its quality fresh ingredients and finest handmade mille crepe and other special desserts that taste flavourful and are extremely satisfying.
www.nadeje.com.my | FB: nadejefans | IG: @nadejecakeshop

7) Mad About Coco


Heaven for chocolate loversMad about Coco is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for chocolate in different forms. Being the one-stop joint for all things chocolate, Mad About Coco serves simple delights such as a nice cup of hot chocolate, to fancier options like chocolate fondue.

FB: madaboutcoco | IG: @madaboutcoco

8) The Cream & Fudge Factory

8-the-cream-fudge-factory-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to 8-2-the-cream-fudge-factory-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to

The first cold stone creation ice cream in Malaysia, The Cream & Fudge Factory in Malaysia offers freshly made super premium smooth and creamy ice-cream. After the customer selects their favourite ice cream flavours, it is then hand-folded together with the customer’s choice of mixed nuts, fruits, candies and fudge on a frozen marble stone. The Cream & Fudge Factory also has a menu of exclusive and innovative creations made at the store to delight any customer’s taste buds.

www.creamandfudge.com | FB: CNF Malaysia | IG: @creamnfudge

9) Dip N Dip


This is another chocolate heaven for chocolate lovers. Dip N Dip is all about Belgian chocolate that come in a range of more than 30 items. Be creative, drizzle a little, pour a lot, or get your own chocolate fountain straight to your table! Whichever way you have it, Dip N Dip is sure to make you 🙂

IG: @dipndip_malaysia

10) Cuppacakes by +wondermilk

10-cuppacakes-by-wondermilk-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to 10-2-cuppacakes-by-wondermilk-10-dessert-places-in-klang-valley-youd-be-addicted-to

At Wondermilk café, you can enjoy delicious freshly baked cupcakes in a variety of flavours to suit every taste bud. They also serve specialty drinks such as ‘Wondermilk’ which is flavoured fresh milk with choices like butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla.

www.ilovewondermilk.com | FB: CuppacakesWondermilk | IG: @wondermilk

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