Top 10 Portrait Photography Services in Singapore

Top 10 Portrait Photography Services in Singapore
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While today’s camera phones allow us to take the best portrait photos, nothing beats the ones offered by professional photographers. To them, portraits are more than just taking nice-looking pictures. They also create art while capturing their subjects’ respective personalities that untrained eyes might not notice in the first place. Which brings us the Top 10 Portrait Photography Services in Singapore that you should check out below!

1) Mount Studio

Mount Studio

Be it family or corporate portraits, Mount Studio knows a thing or two about capturing the best shots possible. Led by two childhood friends/co-founders Lyn Averson and LiLi Pan, their studio consists of highly-experienced teams of photographers and videographers. For the corporate portraits alone, they have done photoshoots for reputable clients like Charles & Keith and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. | FB: mountstudiosg | IG: @mountstudiosg

2) Pan Pixels

Pan Pixels

At Pan Pixels, they mean serious business when it comes to photography. And that means their team consists of skillful and experienced professional photographers, who have been in the business for years. They know their way around all things technical, covering everything from lighting to composition and angles to make your photos a standout. The same can be said with their expertise in portrait photography regardless of personal or corporate purposes. | FB: lili.panpixels | IG: @panpixels

3) COCO Creative Studio

COCO Creative Studio

Available both locally and internationally, COCO Creative Studio specialises in photography and videography services. For the former, portrait photography happens to be one of their services. They have a team of well-travelled photographers who are adept in taking pictures of different people from around the world. Their experiences have brought significant artistic values to all of their portraits regardless of colour or black & white photos. | FB: COCO.Creative.Studio | IG:

4) Exxposures Photography

Exxposures Photography

The brainchild of Terran Tang, both founder and principal photographer of Exxposures, it offers various kinds of photography services from portraitures to commercial shoots and events. Armed with a team of professional photographers, the company’s speciality also lies in handling different types of portrait photography. That includes corporate, personal, editorial and team portraits regardless of taking pictures indoors or outdoors. | FB: exxposures | IG: @exxposures_photography

5) John Lim Photography

John Lim Photography

For John Lim, photography has been his passion since childhood. He started his own photography studio in 2003 and never looked back since, offering related services like wedding shoots and portraits. For the latter, he specialises in taking stunning personal, family and children portraits. He has a keen eye for details when it comes to capturing the likes of best angles and lighting that brings the best out in his subjects. | FB: johnlimphotography | IG: @johnlimphotography

6) Ejun Low Photography

Ejun Low Photography

An expert in luxury portrait photography, Ejun Low has been in the business since 2005. He has photographed people in both colour and black & white, with a flair for lighting in the utmost flattering ways possible. Other than offering portrait photography services, he also conducts both workshop and mentorship programmes for any aspiring photographers looking to hone their skills. | FB: ejunlowphoto | IG: @ejunlowphoto

7) DGT Portraits

DGT Portraits

Taking authentic and genuine portraits is what Danon Gabriel of DGT Portraits does best. That means no heavily-doctored or stylised portraits since Danon believes they do not reflect his respective subjects’ true personalities. Which is why in order to get the best shots possible, he will spend time to get to know them beforehand. You can check out some of his best portraits on the website below. | FB: dgtportraits | IG: @dgtportraits

8) Danny Santos Photography

Danny Santos Photography

What began as a hobby shooting strangers in the streets of Singapore has since turned into a business. And that’s the brief story about Danny Santos, whose photography skills made him among the most sought-after professional photographers in Singapore. Shooting portraits is part of his expertise, whose sharp and unique eye for detail turns his subjects into a work of art. | FB: | IG: @dannyst

9) White Room Studio

White Room Studio

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the portrait industry, you can count on the award-winning White Room Studio to capture the best of you during the photoshoot. They also own a unique studio in the form of a Peranakan shophouse, complete with spacious interior and lots of strategically-placed windows for natural lighting. This, in turn, brings the advantage to the portraits regardless of personal, family or corporate needs. White Room Studio even insists on minimising the use of props when it comes to capturing their portraits for a result that is as natural as possible. | FB: whiteroomstudio | IG: @whiteroomstudio

10) Johna Photography

Johna Photography

Founded in 2015, Johna Photography offers professional photography services without the hefty price tag. And among them happens to be corporate portrait photography, in which Johna’s mix of amiable charm and technical know-how ensures his subjects are comfortable during the photoshoots. Apart from corporate portraits, he also specialises in product, food and commercial photography. | FB: johnasuephotography | IG: @johna.sue

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