Indomie As A New Design For Nike’s Air Jordans? This Fan Did It

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As asians, we all know and love instant noodles with the reliability and convenience that it brings. Indomie is a particular brand of instant noodles that has quite a lot of people loving the taste. One fan brought to life the design of an Indomie packet inspired Nike Air Jordans.

The next time you walk down the streets or go shopping in the mall you could see someone sporting a pair of these shoes.

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Jonathan Gustana is the artist who personally drew by hand the design of the Indomie packet on his Air Jordans. He then posted a picture of the shoes on his Instagram account @mr.s.cutom.

Based in Singapore, the 23 year old likes to personalise his shoes by drawing on them. Browsing through his Instagram account will show you just how talented he is at it.

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The inspiration for the shoes actually comes from Instagram account @arifwhy who is very familiar with Photoshop. He posted a picture where he took a normal pair of Air Jordans and Photoshopped them with the design.

This caught the eye of Jonathan who then reached out to ask for permission to imitate the design. Lo and behold a beautiful creation brought to life.

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One look at the shoes and you can see the signature colours red, green, and yellow. It even looks like there are noodles spiralling around each other. And if that wasn’t enough, you can see the Indomie logo at the side next to Nike’s signature ‘swoosh’.

After his post went viral, Jonathan opened up only 20 orders for a pair of the custom shoes. Each pair is priced at Rp 3.3mil (about RM970 at time of publishing) and has attracted lots of attention. Orders are coming in from all around the world.

It is definitely a great design that can really help one show their love for the popular instant noodle brand.