Top 10 Newborn Photography Studios in Singapore 2021

Top 10 Newborn Photography Studios in Singapore 2021

Welcoming a child into the world is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. And it would be a waste to see such a milestone subsequently lost to time. Fortunately, you can treasure these precious moments by hiring a professional photographer specialising in newborn photography. That said, here is our 2021 edition of Top 10 Newborn Photography Studios in Singapore!

1) Tomato Photo

Tomato Photo

Founder Hart Tan is no stranger to photographing newborns and families, given his experience in the business since 2008. He likes to keep things simple and spontaneous. That means no overly-staged studio shoots but rather a more fun, candid, and relaxed experience. Best of all, Tomato Photo offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not happy with the results, a refund will be made. | FB: | IG: @tomatophoto

2) Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography specialises not only in newborn photography but also in other types of photography like family, maternity, and even corporate photo-shooting sessions. For the former, they even have a dedicated studio space just for the newborns. All photoshoots are professionally done by a highly experienced team of photographers. And they happen to be personally trained under the mentorship of Hart Tan, the master photographer behind the award-winning Tomato Photo. | FB: bambiniphotography | IG: @bambiniphotosg

3) Newborn Photography by Edmund Choo

Edmund Choo has photographed beautiful images of newborns since 2015. Choo’s experience speaks for itself, going as far as earning accolades in PPAC and WPE awards. Apart from his undeniable skills, he also prioritises a customer-first approach and ensures your baby is in good hands in terms of safety and comfort. Other than specialising in newborn photography, Edmund Choo is also an expert in shooting family portraits. | FB: EdmundChooPhotography | IG: @newbornphotographybyedmund | Mobile: +65 8121 5881 | Email Address: | Location:  8 Ubi Road 2, #07-19 Zervex, Singapore 408538.

4) Fion Boon Photography

The brainchild of a husband-and-wife tag team Fion and Elmer, Fion Boon offers various photography services covering from newborns to maternity and outdoor family portraits. They photograph newborns aged 6 to 12 days, where the photo-shooting session takes place in their comfortable indoor studio using natural lighting. They are also known for their friendly personalities and are patient enough in handling even the fussiest babies. | FB: fionboonphotography | IG: @fionboonphotography

5) Meadow Lullabies Photography

Meadow Lullabies Photography

James, who founded Meadow Lullabies Photography, favours a lot of rustic and vintage looks when it comes to photographing the newborns. Each photoshoot is meticulously planned ranging from the baby poses to the well-selected props. He also eschews studio lighting in favour of natural light during the photography session. This is to ensure the newborn photos turn out naturally soft and gentle minus the artificiality of studio lighting. | FB: meadowlullabies | IG: @meadowlullabies

6) Cherub Foto

Cherub Foto

Operating since 2018, Cherub Foto consists of a husband-and-wife team, with Shiv specialising in newborn photography. Being a father of two himself, he knows well how to handle the babies while keeping them as comfortable as possible. Minimalism plays an integral part in his photography style as he likes to keep things simple and natural. | FB: cherubfoto | IG: @cherubfoto

7) StudioPlay


The award-winning StudioPlay offers a wide range of photography services and one of them happens to be newborn photography. They have different props and backdrops to choose from, where most of them are custom-made. Customers love their friendliness and above all, their utmost patience and professionalism when it comes to handling the babies during the photography session. | FB: StudioPlay

8) Jen Pan Photography

Jen Pan Photography

Managed by a husband-and-wife team, Jen Pan Photography’s 11 years of experience has served them well in the business. They are particularly good at taking timeless photos, favouring a lot of neutral colours such as white and grey with a pastel tinge. Being parents themselves, they treat every baby in a gentle and patient manner. Apart from newborns, they also specialise in family and maternity portraits. | FB: jenpanphotography | IG: @jenpanphotography

9) Baby U International

Baby U International

If there’s one thing unique about Baby U, it’s that they are Singapore’s first Korean concept photo studio. With over 10 years of experience, they know well how to photograph newborns in the unique but timeless way possible using a combination of custom props and others like the latest fashion outfits. You might want to check out their value-for-money packages, depending on your respective needs and budgets. | FB: babyuinternational | IG: @babyuinternational

10) Xiaoyun Photography

Xiaoyun Photography

An award-winning photographer, Xiaoyun is an expert in both newborn and maternity portraitures. For the former, she prefers natural and simplicity that emphasise mainly on the subject. As you can see from her portfolio, she doesn’t rely on fancy props and backdrops just to enhance the overall images. | FB: xiaoyunphotography | IG: @xiaoyunphotography

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