Top 10 Independent Music Bands in Singapore

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Sunny Singapore is swarming with musical talent, and the independent music scene is not exempted from this fact. With an eclectic mix of talent spanning different genres, you’re bound to find something that will make you want to sing or dance along. Here are the Top 10 Independent Music Bands in Singapore, as voted by you!

1) Efficient Public Transport


An alternative rock unit comprising of 5 members, Efficient Public Transport has a very eclectic sound that they describe as being a “haphazard blend of pop melodies, driving bass lines, progressive drum beats, metal guitars and Dada-esque lyrics”, and hope that their tunes will give you a sense of escape from the normality of everyday life. Check out their interesting take on music from their YouTube page, which features covers as well as original pieces.

FB: efficientpublictransport | IG: @efficientpublictransport | YouTube: eptbandsg



This self-styled “dream-pop” band will certainly soothe you with their enchanting melodies and the wistfully sweet vocals of lead singer, Wahidah. Check out their website to view their lyrics, listen to some of their demos and even purchase songs at any price you like, to support them. Most of their YouTube uploads are power-packed with psychedelic visuals to accompany the equally fantastical songs, and feature original content. | FB: subsonic.eye | IG: @subsoniceye | YouTube: SUBSONICEYE OFFICIAL

3) Sign Of Five


When you first lay your eyes on Sign of Five, the photogenic talents of their five handsome members will probably give you flashbacks to all the boybands you loved before. Far from being mass-produced and generic though , these guys are Singapore’s answer to the pop punk scene, with catchy anthems that will definitely have you tapping your feet along with the beat. They’ve made quite the name for themselves in Singapore, and they’re far from finished. Check out their YouTube to get yourself acquainted with some solid tunes by them.

FB: SignOfFive | IG: @signoffive | YouTube: SignOfFive

4) Morning Martians


Representing another slot for Singapore’s pop punk scene are the guys from Morning Martians. These princes of pop punk have a sound that is quite reminiscent to Blink 182, and their passion for the craft really comes through in their songs. Lyrically, they are inspired by everyday situations, making their songs very relatable to many. Though they initially began as a foursome, the latest addition of a drummer adds to the band’s musical prowess, and fans can look forward to an edgier sound.

FB: MorningMartians | IG: @morningmartians | YouTube: morningmartians

5) Tell Lie Vision


Tell Lie Vision have been rocking out since 2012. They started off on a high note, winning 2nd place in Thunder Band Slam 2012, where even lead singer Hasif won an award for his vocal skills. You can support them by purchasing their digital album via their website for $4, or you can always enjoy the covers they’ve uploaded to YouTube as well. Keep an eye out for their next gigs and check them out live too. | FB: OfficialTLV | IG: @tlvofficial | YouTube: Tell Lie Vision Official

6) HubbaBubbas


For lush post-acoustic music, check out HubbaBubbas, who are a trio that has been performing together since 2011. They’ve come a long way from performing covers of songs by international superstars like Beyoncé and Sia, with their own EP that just launched in August 2016, and their very own music video. The trio are comprised of a guitarist, beatboxer, and vocalist, resulting in a very unique sound. | FB: hbbbs | IG: @hbbbsband | YouTube: hellohubbabubbas

7) The Summer State


Pop-rock outfit The Summer State got their name from the term “summer state of mind” which is meant to signify their sunny outlook on life. They released their first EP in 2013, which consists of original tracks that you can still purchase it from their website. The Summer State has an enviable list of gigs to their name, having opened for international acts like Yellowcard, A Rocket to The Moon and Alex Goot. They’ve also performed at numerous events within Asia and have garnered quite a following as a result. | FB: thesummerstate | IG: @thesummerstateband | YouTube: thesummerstate

8) Disco Hue


If you haven’t already guessed from their name, Disco Hue is an electronic pop band. As much as they utilize synth to hook in listeners, their lyrics are also meaningful and heartfelt, making for a unique combination. Their first EP, Arcade, is available online as well as in physical CD format. Check out their music videos on YouTube, to get a taste of the Disco Hue brand of music.

FB: discohue | IG: @discohue | YouTube: DISCO HUE

9) Cashew Chemists


Cashew Chemists’ sound is evocative, with influences of blues and rock music from the 50s to the 70s. The quartet’s first EP was released in 2012, but they say they’ve expanded their sound and musical interests in favour of more dynamic instrumentation, and deeper introspection. For this year, Cashew Chemists are in the midst of recording their first full-length album. You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp and Soundcloud. | FB: cashewchemists | IG: @cashewchemists | YouTube: cashewchemists

10) Stopgap


They’re influenced by The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, and interested in burgers and beer, which gives you a sense that Stopgap really has a sense of humour about everything. In fact, their music video for their original song, Nervous, is a clear indication of this. This fun-loving band consists of five gifted young men who have been jamming together since 2011. According to them, they do what they do to “create music that’s not only heard, but felt”. | FB: StopgapBand | IG: @stopgapband | YouTube: Stopgappp

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