9 Local Businesses To Find Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day will be falling on 19th June this year. It’s not too early to start scouting for what to get for our dads as finding the perfect gift for the father figures in our lives is no easy task. There are only so many ‘You’re The Best Dad In The World’ mugs or neckties you can give your dad every year. 😂

If your dad has a hobby or a special interest, that makes it easier to figure out what to get for them to show our appreciation. But if you are feeling lost and out of ideas, here are 9 local businesses to find your Father’s Day gift this year.

1. Corak

You can’t go wrong with batik shirts – they’re a classic choice especially for formal or professional events. But who says you must only wear batik on such occasions? Batik shirts can make for a great casual wear for the fashionable and young-at-heart dads. Change up your dad’s wardrobe with batik patterns that are more floral, bright and fun. Other options are available as well at Corak, they also sell them in sets so that your dad can wear them as loungewear or pyjamas!

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2. The Sarong

Another place to find beautiful batik shirts is at The Sarong where they are dedicated to feature batik’s uniqueness in our modern-day fashion lifestyle. If you’re looking for more refined batik shirts that is suitable for both formal and casual wear, you’ll be able to find it here. Not only will you be supporting their cause in keeping our batik heritage alive, but you are also getting premium quality shirts that are designed and tailored in Malaysia. It will definitely make a wonderful gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

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3. Tyde Goods

Trends may change but the art of leather remains – that is why two Malaysia-based graphic designers decided to join forces to bring Tyde Goods to life back in 2015. To create products that will last, the leather goods at Tyde are carefully researched, designed, and tested to ensure high standards of durability and functionality. Not only that, but their products are also hand stitched and bespoke! To make your Father’s Day gift even more special, you can purchase a DIY kit where all the materials and tools are provided for you to make it yourself – be it a notebook, card holder, lanyard, or a key organiser.

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4. Laive

More options on leather products are available at Laive Handmade Leather. From card holders, lanyards, car key sleeves and mini pouches, all their products are made 100% genuine leather. They are locally designed, and they also hold private workshops if you would like to experience making a leather product on your own. Of the many leather goods on their catalogue, what caught my eye was the customizable leather watch straps which I think would make an excellent gift. It can be pricey to buy an entirely new watch but getting new straps to replace the worn-out ones is a pretty thoughtful gift too.

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5. Alwis & Xavier

We would usually think of getting perfume for our moms, but dads like to smell good too! Consider getting your dad a solid cologne from Alwis & Xavier – they are handcrafted and packaged in durable tins so that it can be taken anywhere and everywhere. It’s easy to use, just apply them to the neck and wrists to smell amazing. Of course, it’s not easy to purchase it online without knowing how it really smells like. Make sure you follow them on social media so that you know where their next bazaar appearance would be. They do have one coming up in conjunction with Father’s Day and they will be revealing their latest limited scents as well!

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6. Sauce Lab

For the dads who love food and love to cook, the Sauce Lab might just be the right place to find your Father’s Day gift. On second thought, this would make a wonderful gift for the dads who are not so great at cooking as well. With handcrafted sauces such as ginger scallion oil, basil pesto, roasted chili and garlic oil, truffle butter and many more, the sauces would make it so easy and convenient to whip up a delicious meal. They also share recipes on their social media pages on how to use their sauces whether as a dip, spread or marinade. Or you could also purchase the sauces so that you can prepare a homecooked meal for dad this Father’s Day (which is what I’m planning to do)!😉

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7. ArtisTree

At ArtisTree, they turn fallen trees into the most beautiful side tables using natural and solid wood slabs. Each side table is unique and custom built, so no two tables are the same. They are also quite affordable (in my mind, wooden furniture is usually expensive 🙄) and it would look so good in the living room or in any space that your dad spends a lot of time in. It might be an odd choice for a gift but if your dad has an appreciation for wood furniture and interior design, these wooden side tables would make the perfect gift.

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8. Dapo™

Sustainable homeware that are exclusively designed and crafted in Malaysia, there are so many products at Dapo™ that would be a good gift idea for Father’s Day. Again, if your dad enjoys being in the kitchen, there is a variety of woodware that can be used as chopping boards, serving trays or even just as home décor. Each collection is as beautiful and functional as the next. Other than kitchenware, they also have elegantly designed keychain, phone holders and paper weights. Some of the products such as the phone holder can be customised to include a message as well.

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9. Bacon It

If all else fails, you can always rely on food as a gift for Father’s Day. Of course, the food should still be special, and I can’t think of anything that is more unique than the Bacon & Bourbon Cream Cheesecake (non-halal) from Bacon It. It is a chocolate cake that is made with the finest cocoa which is then lathered in cream cheese frosting along with a few splashes of bourbon. In between the cake and on top, you can find their home smoked bacon bits sprinkled all over to make one sinful but delicious cake. Other than cakes, they also sell Bacon & Boozy popcorn in various flavours as well as bacon & cheddar biscotti. If your dad likes to snack on things, these will make great gifts too!

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