7 Smart Luggage Trackers Worth Buying

7 Smart Luggage Trackers Worth Buying

With everything back to normal (of course, depending on how you look at it), more people are taking the opportunity to travel locally or abroad. Apart from all the planning and your to-do list, there’s one other thing that you should consider: getting a smart luggage tracker. It usually comes in a compact size of either rounded or rectangle design, where it pairs with your smartphone via a connected app. It will ring if it manages to track your missing or misplaced luggage within a certain Bluetooth range. So, long story short, here are the 7 Smart Luggage Trackers Worth Buying.

1) Apple AirTag

If you own an iPhone, you might want to get yourself an Apple AirTag. And more so if you are prone to misplacing things. It’s compact and lightweight with the size of a token, where you can easily attach it to a key ring or slip it into a wallet or bag. It works by keeping track of your stuff using the Find My app, where the Bluetooth signal can detect within 800 feet or approximately 243 metres.

The Apple AirTag is also waterproof with an IP67 rating, meaning the tracker device can survive accidental water splashes or water immersion for up to 30 minutes. Finally, it uses the CR2032 lithium coin battery capable of lasting around a year or so before it requires a replacement.

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Apple AirTag
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2) Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Just as Apple has its own smart tracker via Apple AirTag, so does Samsung with its Galaxy SmartTag. The latter is especially useful for those who own a Samsung Galaxy phone. But similar to Apple AirTag, this smart tracker is built exclusively for Samsung Galaxy phone users. In other words, you can forget about pairing the Galaxy SmartTag with any other Android phone.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag boasts a compact design and has two colours available including Black and Oatmeal. It has a hole in the top corner, allowing you to attach it to your key ring and so on. It uses the SmartThings app via Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE) technology to track items at a maximum range of around 395 feet or 120 metres.

Interestingly enough, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can also be used as a remote switch for compatible smart home devices.

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
Image Credit: samsung.com

3) Tile Mate

Tile Mate certainly lives up to its name as “the versatile tracker”. Not only does it work with Android but also Apple devices as well. The small form factor is lightweight and has a hole that allows you to attach the Tile Mate on say, a key ring.

Not to mention its IP67 water resistance and it uses the Tile app via Bluetooth to track stuff for up to a range of 250 feet or 76 metres. The battery can sustain up to 3 years but there’s a downside to it, though: It is not replaceable.

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Tile Mate
Image Credit: thetileapp.com

4) Tile Pro

Here’s the big brother of Tile tracker but with a slim rectangle design, which has a hole on the top for attaching it to your keys or bags. Using the Tile app and Bluetooth connection, this Pro tracker can detect up to 400 feet or 120 metres. It also works with Android and Apple devices so no worries over there. And yes, it has an IP67 rating in terms of water and dust resistance.

Unlike Tile Mate, the Tile Pro’s battery may only last for a year. But the good news is that the battery is replaceable once your tracker runs out of juice.

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Tile Pro
Image Credit: thetileapp.com

5) Baseus T2 Pro

Available in White, Blue and Pink colours, Baseus T2 Pro is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The mini-size design makes it easier to carry around and if that’s not enough, it weighs only 5g.

With the help of the downloadable Baseus app, you can track your missing item for up to a 30-metre radius regardless of indoor or outdoor space. Baseus T2 Pro uses a CR2032 battery that can last approximately a year or so.

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Baseus T2 Pro
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6) Xiaomi Ranres

The Xiaomi Ranres, which comes in three colour options — White, Pink and Blue — features a slim, rounded design reminiscent of a poker chip. Except, of course, the Xiaomi Ranres’ design is significantly minimalist. It also lives up to its portability since it only weighs 10g. The tracker has a tiny leather strap embedded on top, making it easy for you to attach it to a key ring or bag.

Connection-wise, it uses the Mi Home app that can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store. It can cover a tracking distance of up to 15 metres and you can use it both ways. As in a two-way mutual search function using either your tracker or your connected smartphone.

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Xiaomi Ranres
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

7) Chipolo One

Chipolo One comes with a compact, circular design that can fit easily into your pocket, bag or backpack. It has a hole on top of the tracker, where you can attach it to your key ring. Not to forget, it comes in varieties of colours too.

To find your belonging, Chipolo One works with the Chipolo app that can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store. It can track up to 200 feet or approximately 60 metres and it uses a CR2032 battery. The latter can last around two years and yes, it’s replaceable. Finally, Chipolo One can survive minor water splashes, thanks to its IPX5 rating.

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Chipolo One
Image Credit: shop.urbanrepublic.com.my

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