Top 10 Pet Stores in Penang

Top 10 Pet Stores in Penang
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Having a pet is a great responsibility, as you’ve got to take care of their basic needs, and then some. From food to toys and other related items, the place to get them all is a pet store, and here are the Top 10 Pet Stores in Penang for you to visit!

1) Pisces & Aqua Pet Concept Store

Pisces & Aqua Pet Concept Store

Pisces & Aqua Pet Concept Store carries a wide range of quality brands regardless of pet foods and accessories. For instance, they have Acana and ORIJEN’s premium range of nutritious cat food. Not sure which is the right product for your beloved fur kid? Well, not to worry though, since you can count on the friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you with your purchase. | FB: piscesnaqua | IG: @piscesnaqua.petconceptstore

2) Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet

Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet

Here’s a one-stop pet store spanning over 30,000 sq. ft., making Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet among the largest establishments of its kind in Penang. They house varieties of pet food and accessories not only for cats and dogs but also for other animals like birds and reptiles. You can also find all kinds of aquatic-related items ranging from aquariums to fish foods, artificial plants as well as filters & pumps. They even offer services such as pet boarding, where they have their own 5-star pet hotel, complete with air-conditioned rooms and 24-hour CCTV for peace of mind. | FB: chewtheanyeangaquaticnpet | IG: @cty_aquaticnpet

3) Meowky House

Meowky House

No prizes for guessing that Meowky House focuses primarily on cat food and accessories. The owner here knows a thing or two about cats so feel free to ask away. Meowky House also offers related services, namely a cat hostel. And despite the name of the shop, they do carry assorted pet items for dogs and hamsters too.

FB: Meowky-House | IG: @meowkyhouse

4) Pet Amazon宠物亚马逊

Pet Amazon宠物亚马逊

Located at Paya Terubong, Pet Amazon is more than just a regular pet shop. They also offer professional services for your furry babies like pet grooming, boarding and daycare. And that is not all, as you can bring your dog for a swim at the facility’s well-maintained pet-friendly pool. The staff here is friendly while the overall cage-free environment means your dogs can explore their surroundings and mingle with others.

FB: Pettamazon

5) K-9 Pets Sdn. Bhd

K-9 Pets Sdn. Bhd

K-9 Pets is where you can get high-quality dog foods from the US-based Diamond Pet Foods. They also specialise in breeding DDR (Deutsches Demokratische Republik) and Czech Border Patrol shepherd dogs. The owner here is amicable and helpful and their overall services garnered positive responses from many satisfied pet owners.

FB: K-9-Pets-Sdn-Bhd | IG: @k9petssdn

6) Wonderland Petshop

Wonderland Petshop

Looking for quality dog food and accessories? Wonderland Petshop has them all covered for your fur kid’s needs. They also have various cute puppies available, namely Pomeranian, Border Collie and Bear Poodle, just to name a few. Do follow their Facebook page for more updates regarding availability or visit their pet store at Tanjung Tokong.

FB: Wonderland-Pet-Shop-Penang | IG: @wonderlandpetshop2

7) Teoh Hin Pet Zone

Teoh Hin Pet Zone

Teoh Hin Pet Zone houses a wide array of cat and dog-related items, covering everything from canned food to treats, cat litters and even pet fragrances. Services here are known to be great while the owner of the shop is well-versed in all kinds of cat and dog products. Not to mention the reasonable prices make Teoh Hin Pet Zone such a favourite among many loyal customers.

FB: thpetzone | IG: @thpetzone

8) Angsana Pet World

Angsana Pet World

If there’s one thing worth mentioning about Angsana Pet World, they have plenty of choices when comes to pet products. Grains for hamsters? Or perhaps nutritious treats for rabbits? All this and more, where they sell them at reasonable prices. Angsana Pet World also provides cat and dog grooming & boarding services. Keep in mind the services are only available by appointment only.

FB: AngsanaPetWorld

9) White Pet House

White Pet House

Be it cats or dogs-related products such as foods and bathing products, White Pet House has them all available right here. They also carry recognisable brands like Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Plan, Diamond and NaturVet among others. Other than selling pet supplies, White Pet House offers related services including grooming and boarding. You can locate their pet store at Jalan Perak in Jelutong, where they open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.




Pet foods, treats, accessories… you name it, this Jelutong-based T&T PET SHOP has various choices available for your pet needs. They also supply all types of cages for the likes of hamsters. And if you are looking for a high-quality and potty-trained puppy, you can find them right here or call them for more info.


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