Your Social Media Handle Is Now Required For A US Visa

There are many countries in the world that needs to apply for a visa in order to visit the US. Whether it’s for studying, working, or a simple holiday, that visa is necessary if you want to enter the country. Now your social media presence has been added to the requirements when applying.

Those applying for the US visa will find that they must include their social media usernames and details. In addition to that, they must also list down five years’ worth of email addresses and phone numbers.

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On the application form they can “list a number of social media platforms”. They must select the platform and then include their username or account name. If they are on more than one platform then they should include that too.

Furthermore, they need to declare their status on international travel and deportation. Also, if there are any known family members involved in terrorist activities, it must be made known.

Before this only people who had been in parts of the world under terrorist control needed to hand over additional data. As for now, the new requirements will apply to all applicants except those for certain diplomatic and official visa types.

Be sure to tell the truth though because anyone caught lying about their social media could face serious immigration consequences.

“What about those who don’t have social media accounts?” might be the first question to pop into your head. As can be seen in the image above there is an option for ‘none’ which shows it is possible for them to still apply.

However, the US can reject applications based on a number of reasons. So will it be possible to be rejected because you have no social media? We sure hope this isn’t the case as it’s not a very fair situation.