Join The 1-For-1 Movement By Agrain Which Helps Frontliners!

During this period of MCO, we have seen the tireless efforts of frontliners working hard with extended shifts, risking their lives in order to protect us Malaysians. Hence, since day 3 of the MCO, Agrain by HALE decided to launch a 50% off all hospital workers campaign with an overwhelmingly positive response. However, they felt that they could do more, and that’s where the 1-for-1 movement comes in.

Providing Frontliners With Support & Love

During this period of isolation, collaborative efforts are more important now than ever before during this period of isolation. Therefore, Agrain is inviting you to help out by donating meal boxes, which helps feed the medical staff with fuel, energy and good vibes. For each meal box you donate, Agrain will match it. The more you donate, the more they will match!

Image Credit: Agrain

How It Works

  1. From 26th March 2020 to 14 April 2020, Agrain will match 1 meal box for every corresponding meal box sponsored by donors.
  2. Each donor is requested to donate a minimum of 5 meal boxes, and each meal box is priced at RM16.90 + 80 cents delivery fee and subject to SST.
  3. The Instagram handles of the donors will be communicated to the beneficiaries of the meal boxes.
  4. Donors will be notified with the delivery destination beforehand and will also receive a confirmation upon successful delivery.
  5. All Meal Boxes donated will only be delivered to healthcare staff on duty in hospitals and clinics which accommodate COVID-19 patients and/or provide COVID-19 screening test services.
Image Credit: Agrain via KL Foodie

Share & Spread The News!

Besides donating, you can also share it on your social media account (namely Instagram) to help create more awareness. Remember to tag @agrainmy and use the hashtags #1for1 and #agrainheroes!

Image Credit: Agrain via KL Foodie

Together, let us help each other out and stand in solidarity during these uncertain times. With a little love and kindness, we believe we will emerge from this crisis better people! Visit to make your donation now!