Top 10 Bakeries in Klang Valley

Top 10 Bakeries in Klang Valley
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The Klang Valley area is home to many great-tasting breads and pastries. Buns, croissants, sourdoughs, cakes — you name it, as we have bakeries selling them. Good ones are the types that are baked fresh using the best quality ingredients. And speaking of that, here are the Top 10 Bakeries in Klang Valley.

1) Orito KL

Orito KL
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If you love choux pastry, Orito got you covered right here. They handcraft and bake them fresh using only quality ingredients. Some of their choices include Paris Brest (roasted hazelnut & hazelnut praline cream), Yuzu Lemon Lime (lemon curd topping with yuzu ganache & lemon-lime-mint jelly) and Choco Caramel (dark chocolate cream & salted caramel cremeux). You can also opt for their Choux Pack 2.0, which consists of assorted choux pastries and two sets of madeleines & cookies. Apart from their famous choux pastries, they have other baked goods like doughnuts and croissants.

FB: oritokl | IG: @orito_kl

2) TBX The Baking Xperiment

TBX The Baking Xperiment
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TBX The Baking Xperiment began as a home-based bakery and at the time, it was known as The Brownie Xperiment. It has since undergone a rebranding and finally, opened its doors at SS17 Subang Jaya. They specialise in assorted brownies, covering the popular Fudgy Chocolate Brownie to others like Lotus Biscoff Brownie and Peanut Butter Brownie. Customers can also look forward to various freshly baked goods such as scones, croissants and sliced cakes.

FB: thebrowniexperiment | IG: @thebakingxperiment

3) Good Ground Bakery

Good Ground Bakery
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It’s all about honest-to-goodness, fresh bakes at Good Ground Bakery. Their bestsellers? Well, they have plenty of them with delightful choices like the Blueberry Lemon Cake, Pecan Chocolate Pie and Smoked Salmon Quiche. Another must-try has to be their signature banana loaf — moist, sweet and fragrant at each bite as it should be. Here’s an interesting trivia about this bakery: Owner Sarah Yeoh got her start doing a home-based business called The Honest Baker before she subsequently rebranded it to the current name.

FB: goodgroundbakery | IG: @good.ground.bakery

4) Croisserie

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Walking into Croisserie is like a dream come true for bread and pastry lovers. Handmade baked goods await you — all beautifully lined and arranged on the display counter. All of them are baked fresh daily using the best ingredients available and you’ll be spoilt for choices here. Some of their must-try baked items include the classic French country bread of Pain De Campagne and the flaky, buttery Brioche Feuilletee. If you love cakes, they have decadent selections like Raspberry Rose Lychee and Cheese & Vanilla. To date, they have three outlets available including Damansara Heights, Atria Shopping Gallery and KL Citywalk. | FB: croisserie | IG: @croisserie

5) Universal Bakehouse

Universal Bakehouse
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The traditional hand-painted signage and the homey interior are part of the charms that defined Universal Bakehouse at Damansara Kim. And most of all, their oh-so-good signature artisanal sourdoughs. Made from scratch and baked fresh on a daily basis, enjoy some of the full-bodied flavours like the Apple Sourdough and Full Cranberry & Walnuts Sourdough. They have other delicious baked treats like vanilla custardy Mini Choux, Scone and Caramelised Apple Tart. | FB: universalbakehouse | IG: @universal_bakehouse

6) Der Backmeister

Der Backmeister
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Quality matters for Der Backmeister. And this includes baking bread and pastries using natural ingredients with no added preservatives or any nasties whatsoever. Bread lovers can look forward to freshly baked choices like cranberry bread, baguette, Bavarian Spelt and the sourdough Backmeister Special. For the sweet tooth, indulge in their delicious apple strudel or others such as Custard Danish and Chocolate Croissant. | FB: derbackmeister | IG: @derbackmeister

7) Kenny Hills Bakers

Kenny Hills Bakers
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Kenny Hills Bakers has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2014. The bakery, which spawned several outlets across the Klang Valley area, has since attracted a lot of regular customers and newcomers alike. And frankly, it’s easy to see why. They don’t skimp on ingredients when comes to baking their quality artisan bread and pastries. Some of their bestsellers include the Classic Apple Pie, Butter Cake Loaf and the mouthwatering Burnt Cheesecake available in classic and Musang King durian flavours. | FB: kennyhillsbakers | IG: @kennyhillsbakers

8) The Bread Shop

The Bread Shop
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This quaint bakery in Damansara Heights (Bukit Damansara) is known for its freshly baked goods, covering the likes of baguettes to bread loaves, buns, croissants and pastries. For the latter, they have sweet and savoury varieties to choose from. Not to forget, The Bread Shop made its mark for selling the unique “cruffin” — a combination of croissant and muffin, offering flavours like salted caramel and chocolate.

FB: thebreadshopdamansara | IG: @thebreadshop

9) KLCG Confectionery & Bakery

KLCG Confectionery & Bakery
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Located at Dataran Merdeka, KLCG Confectionery & Bakery offers a range of tasty baked goods and pastries. And they look aesthetically pleasing too, perfect for some Instagram moments. They bake them fresh using only top-quality natural ingredients. Try their signature cronuts, which are basically a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. They include sweet fillings like peach, lotus biscoff and strawberry or you can opt for the 4-piece Seasonal Cronut Box. Don’t forget to taste their deliciously flaky croissants no matter if you go for the plain one or others like Roasted Almond or Strawberry & Creme. | IG: @klcgconfectionerybakery

10) Tedboy

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Tedboy is committed to providing only the best for their baked goods. And that means baking them fresh on a daily basis with premium ingredients. Here, you will find plenty of choices from buns (e.g. Red Bean, Sausage Cheese) to Danish (e.g. Mixed Fruit, Apple Crumble) and European-style bread like traditional sourdoughs, croissants and baguettes. They even have gluten-free options such as bread loaves specially made with gluten-free flour. | FB: tedboybakery | IG: @tedboybakery

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