Akamotif Offers Authentically Indonesian Products For You

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Everyone seems to look for an excuse to spoil themselves with a retreat to the Indonesian islands whether for a well deserving getaway, an opportunity to laze on the beaches or even shop for souvenirs. Although Singaporeans are incredibly lucky to be in close proximity to the Indonesian islands to jet off anytime, there is also an easier option for shopping. If a holiday to the beaches are not in your calendar anytime soon, you may opt to head on over to Akamotif which will satisfy your shopping appetite.

About Akamotif

Akamotif is a boutique store located at Tanglin Mall. They focus on their trade mark, also known as Motif. Therefore, they create motif inspired wear for both men and women, boys and girls. They also specialise in unique textiles on intricate batik and brocade weave. Their batik collections are handmade from distinctive batik states in Indonesia, namely Cirebon, Pekanlogan, Lasem, Madura, Palembang and Solo.

Image credit: Akamotif

Truly Unique Pieces of Batik and Motif

They make one of a kind pieces and do not mass produce the collection as several material are customised. For cap (stamp) batik in 20 meters or 30 meters they are able to produce several sizes and for prints in 60 meters, they only have a range of colors available. The collection are mainly inspired by both the kebaya and sarong where they are designed to make top and skirts and also the chinos style. Their pieces are worn by their First Lady, ex-Prime Minister of Singapore, Captain in Dubai and more.

Image credit: Akamotif

More Than Just The Love Of Batiks

Beside hand made textiles, they also own a collection on silver jewelry, bohemian bags, accessories and artifacts from Central Asia and South East Asian countries. Decorative textiles like intricate batik sarong is also a niche market for interior decorating. Furthermore, they also house the interesting and premium hand fan design in Akamotif. Many customers are local residents, expatriates and the Japanese who appreciate handmade products and textiles. In addition, they also serve customers from the ministry, government and academic institutions.

Image credit: Akamotif

Appreciating Textiles In A Different Light

The founder believes the pieces on the mannequins and walls make their store vastly different. They believe it is the distinctive hand drawn beauty of the batik that draws customers into the store. However, it is also a challenge to show people who are not familiar with batik but it is fulfilling to share about its culture. The founder hopes that more people get to appreciate handmade textiles like batik and aims to introduce the different types of batik in the market too. Furthermore, the original set of the batik tools and wax are showcased in the store to people who are keen to view and comprehend the process.

Image credit: Akamotif

” Stay focused in the trade and appreciate motif in the past to able to recreate in the new world. Be creative and stay substantial.”

– Akamotif

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