10 Essential Travel Items You Must Bring for a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Getaway

cuti-cuti malaysia
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Malaysia is a perfect place for Getaway due to its rich diversity, splendid tourist sites and many other attractions. From climbing Mount Kinabalu, to picking strawberries at Cameron Highlands and to eating authentic local food at Penang Island, the list is endless. However, our travels are often ruined because we forgot to bring certain key travel items. Let us explore 10 must-have items to bring for our next Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Getaway!

1) Plastic Bags (or recycle bags)

That’s right! Plastic Bags! Often, we tend to overlook the fact that when we climbing Mount Kinabalu or diving in Perhentian Island, our clothes gets wet and dirty. We definitely don’t want the dirty clothes to mix with our fresh or clean clothes. Hence, do remember to bring a few plastic or recycle bags during your next Malaysian adventure.

cuti-cuti malaysia
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2) Power Bank

We usually spend most of our time outdoor during our getaway. As we don’t always get access to power socket, it’s worthwhile investing in a power bank to ensure your mobile batteries never run out and you can continue to make your friends jealous with the splendid pictures you captured during your Malaysian getaway!

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3) Safety Pins

Safety Pins are probably the greatest invention to save yourself from an embarrassing situation. While consuming the delicious Malaysian cuisines, you are bound to put on a few pounds to your stomach. You don’t want to be travelling about with a pop button or torn pants from all that weight gain.

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4) Sunblock

Malaysian weather is often very hot and humid. This is especially when you are at the beach side. Hence, do bring along a sunblock to ensure you maintain a healthy skin after your travels.

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5) Medicines

Sickness can strike at any moment. You don’t want to be nursing a flu or fever and having your holidays ruined by an annoying bug. Hence, do pack some medicines to ensure that even if you are sick, you can still travel about properly.

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6) ENO Fruit Salt

Getaway in Malaysia often revolves around food. And it is not surprising that our stomach gets upset after all that Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar, Char Keow Teow etc. Never forget to bring ENO with you as it will help you relieves indigestion, gas, bloating or heartburn symptoms. More importantly to keep you going for more food to come!

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7) Shaver and Foam

For men especially, some hotels may not provide a disposable shaver and shaving foam. Hence, do pack a shaver and foam so that you can keep on looking sharp and dashing when travelling about. The ladies will surely take notice!

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8) Travel-size Umbrella

You will never know if it will rain when you are trekking in the jungle or wandering around the streets, especially during the rainy season. Bring along a travel-size umbrella to protect you not just against the rain but also sun when the weather is too hot.

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9) Mosquito Repellent

No one likes to itch during travelling. Even if you are one of those who rarely gets bitten by mosquitoes, it is worth spraying on some mosquito repellent, particularly in areas with a high case of Dengue.

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10) Selfie Stick

One shall never leave the selfie stick behind for that perfect Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Getaway. Selfie stick always comes in handy when you opt for that couple or group we-fie at anytime anywhere without having to ask the assistance of passerby (who might just run away with your phone :p ).

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There you have it! Now you are all set to enjoy Malaysia and have a great Malaysian adventure!