vivo Malaysia Debuts Its Latest Short Film “The Incident” Shot On vivo X60 Pro

Image Credit: @vivoMalaysia

On March 31st, 2021, vivo Malaysia has officially screened its latest short film titled “The Incident”, which made its exclusive premiere at GSC 1 Utama. The short film was directed by acclaimed Kedahan filmmaker, Chong Keat Aun, whose body of work has earned him the accolade of the Golden Horse Award for Best New Director.

About “The Incident”

Shot on the brand’s latest flagship model, the vivo X60 Pro, “The Incident” tells a story about a doting single mother played by Pauline Tan who struggles to make ends meet to provide for her 10-year-old son (newcomer Phua Chandler) after losing her husband (Yuan Teng). The short film also features veteran Malaysian singer-actress Adibah Noor in a special appearance. The soundtrack, in the meantime, includes Firdhaus Farmizi’s (Fei Dao Er in China) nostalgic medley “Light of Hope” composed by Yise Loo.

(L-R) Adibah Noor, director Chong Keat Aun and Pauline Tan in “The Incident”

Here’s what Chong has to say about his newest short film:

“It is heartening to see Malaysians helping one another amidst a new normal which has yet to precede us. As we learn to adapt and do so with the strength lent by the ones around us, we look forward to a new day with a renewed light of hope. This has been our source of inspiration for the film and we wanted to depict a story which is true to Malaysians in these times. Through the vivo X60 Pro, we were able to bring this idea to life and it truly marks a new era for budding filmmakers who are looking to unleash their creativity and share it with the world”.

“In spite of the pandemic which has shaken the normalcy in our day-to-day lives, our spirit of determination drives us forward and enables us to persevere even through the hardest of times. Through “The Incident”, we hope to inspire people to find the light at the end of the tunnel and to continue pressing forward with hopes of a better tomorrow.”

“With the vivo X60 Pro as the smartphone device used to produce “The Incident”, we were also able to leverage on its VIX 5-Axis Video Stabilisation and Pro Sports Mode which were crucial in helping our film crew to shoot moving objects with ease” added Chong.

A behind-the-scenes photo of “The Incident” shot on vivo X60 Pro

The vivo X60 Pro pushes the boundaries whether it is in the hands of seasoned filmmakers or budding creators who are looking to make their mark in the respective industry.

“In an age where consumption of content is at an all-time high, we want to empower Malaysians to be their own creators and realise that it is a rewarding experience to have their visions brought to life through photo and videography. Drawing example to our latest project “The Incident”, it is very possible to have only a smartphone to turn an idea into reality. With the X60 series, aspiring filmmakers are sure to be inspired and can take their filming game to the next level,” said Mike Xu, CEO of vivo Malaysia.

Short Review On “The Incident”

Having seen “The Incident” during the screening of the short film premiere, I was impressed with Chong’s technical know-how on making good use of the vivo X60 Pro with expressive cameraworks and creative angles. The overall shots regardless of day or night are both poetic and beautifully composed, with the latter phone’s low-light capability proves to be an impressive feat. The story’s current pandemic-era situation certainly hits close to home with a mix of heartwarming and poignant touches. Equally worth mentioning here includes Pauline Tan’s sympathetic performance as the single mother Yee Cheng while Adibah Noor made quite a lasting impression in her otherwise cameo appearance.

“The Incident” marks vivo’s second featurette, with the pilot film being “KITA”, a short film previously produced in conjunction with Merdeka 2020, and was shot on the first smartphone with a gimbal stabilisation system – vivo X50 Pro.

You can check out “The Incident” on vivo Malaysia’s official YouTube channel and Facebook Page on 31st March 2021.