Precious Foot Reflexology: Quality Services At Best Value

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The art of foot reflexology or massage dates back many years to ancient China. Placement of pressure is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that correspond to parts of the body. Therefore, finding a right masseur is important as the pressure points of your feet link with your organs. Whether you are looking for a spot with quality service or a simple relaxing session, you may head over to Precious Foot Reflexology.

About Precious Foot Reflexology

Precious Foot Reflexology provides various therapies including back & shoulder massage, body massage and foot reflexology. There are additional options to purchase organic essential oil or their Signature Ginger Detox oil to enhance your massage experience. In addition, they take pride in providing a comfortable environment for customers. They only use the best organic essential oils and creams to nurture your senses and tune your health into its homeostasis. With a modern methodology and a soothing nature-inspired environment, sit back, relax and slip into nirvana at Precious Foot Reflexology.

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Environment Unlike Any Other

Their unique selling point is that they take a modern approach towards this traditional art and culture. They adopt a more fun and casual approach in their philosophies, evident in their marketing strategies on social media. Furthermore, they integrate Netflix as a source of entertainment while customers are enjoying foot reflexology. From their marketing methods to free Netflix, they are trying to provide value-added features that stand out from their competitors. They believe by providing a cozy environment and entertainment, customers are getting the best value for their money.

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Customer Satisfaction As Top Priority

The company was founded on one vision: Providing quality massage services at the best value. They adopt a stringent hiring process to ensure all their masseurs are of quality standards. In addition, they want to be able to educate people on the benefits of Foot Reflexology. As the massage industry is a competitive arena, only customer satisfaction can provide a long-term sustainable business. Hence, they focus heavily on investing in the value of customer satisfaction. This is evident from their high ratings on various social media and search engines.

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Improving Health As A Lifestyle

The team wants to share that massage is more than just relaxation. There are numerous health benefits attached to a massage session. It is a holistic therapy that can benefit you both internally and externally. In addition, they have articles on how massage and reflexology can benefit your health ( The company plans to expand their units to meet with customers demands. Lastly, they are looking to explore central areas of Singapore where they are able to provide 24 hour massage services.

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“We believe that in the service industry, we cannot compromise on customer satisfaction. There is a saying: “It takes years to win a customer, but only seconds to lose one”. Hence, being in such a competitive industry, it is of upmost importance to ensure our customer finds value in our services.”

– Precious Foot Reflexology

Relax and rejuvenate at Precious Foot Reflexology: