9 Typical Mindsets Of Asian Parents

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Asians parents are generally different in the way they bring up their children as compared to the European or Western parents. While Asian parents tend to raise their offspring with a lot of discipline, let’s take a look at the below typical examples of Asian parents’ mindset.

1) Children Must Listen & Be Obedient

Since young, children are taught that it’s their duty to listen to the elders.  We are also taught to be obedient in a way that we are not allowed to question our parents on anything. As a results, we grew up in such an environment that we do not dare to voice out our concerns, we feel shy to raise our hands in class to ask questions, or even become a ‘yes-man’ at work.

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2) Good Academic Result Is Everything

Compared to the Western parents, Asian parents have strong beliefs that getting a good academic result is more important than anything else. They would say it’s our stepping stone to a better future. Some parents even believe that taking extreme measures are essential to ensure that their children do not end up as loafers in the future.

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3) Punishment Is More Effective Than Encouragement

Instead of imposing punishment, Western parent are more keen to encourage their kids. On the other hand, some Asian parents think that the only effective way a child will learn is if he/she is punished for his/her mistakes.

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4) Children Should Pursue Career That Parents Think Is Beneficial

Asian parents tend to plan out their children’s development plan the minute (or even before) they are born. From toddler development programme to university courses or even career, some Asian parents would have pre-planned for their children. They might think this will benefit their kids and they want their kids to do better than them, but have they ever asked if this is what their kids really want to pursue?

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5) Must Fully Equipped Their Children with Lots of Talent

Asian parents send their kids for numerous classes, such as music, drawing, dancing, sports etc. in race to keep up with peers. They think that their children must be equipped with many skills where they can be useful in the future. It’s clearly most kids don’t end up being a musician or an artists when they grew up. It also doesn’t come handy on one’s CV when applying for jobs.

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6) Hardly Encourage Their Children to be Expressive

Asian parents hardly encourage their children to be expressive because Asian kids grow up on the receiving end of countless dictator-esque verbal instructions. As a result, Asian kids hardly express themselves to their parents. Let’s do a quick test, ask any Asian friends the number of times they say ‘I love you’ to their parents. Don’t be surprised if they tell you the number is less than 10 or even comment that it’s a strange thing to do.

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7) Expecting Children To Be Better Than Their Peers’

One thing for sure, Asian parents like to compare. Even if their children get good grades, they are most likely going to compare with their peer’s kids’ grades. Apart from grades, they compare everything – piano, violin, ballet etc.

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8) Good Future Is All About Hard Work And Discipline

No one else think so much about their children’s future than Asian parents. One of the things they believed in is that hard work is everything. They believe that hard work and discipline from the children are investments to better futures. This may explain why they constantly chide their kids offspring for not getting straight A’s in their exams, because they think their kids are not hardworking enough.

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9) Way Too Overbearing

The chances of Asian parents will not stop being domineering over their children’s lives are pretty high, even their kids have grown up. Most families live together and this gives the parents a chance to still be in control of their children.

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