RM19.90 For 4 Pieces of Chicken and 5 Crispy Tenders, Only at KFC!

If you’re wondering if you read that wrongly, you didn’t. What can you get for RM19.90? 4 pieces of chicken and 5 pieces of crispy tenders from KFC wouldn’t be the first thing you think of, but it’s true!

KFC’s Chicken Tuesday

Fried chicken is one of the food items high on anyone’s “craving” list. Now, you can look forward to Tuesdays as KFC offers you the chance to get 4 pieces of chicken and 5 pieces of crispy tenders for only RM19.90! It’s only available for a limited time, so make sure that you drop by your nearest KFC outlet this coming Tuesday! You even get two different varieties of chicken: 4 pieces of KFC’s signature fried chicken in flavour of your choice, and 5 pieces of crispy tenders. Honestly, there’s nothing better than biting into crispy fried chicken and hearing the satisfying crunch!

Not Full Enough?

Maybe you want all 9 pieces to yourself, maybe you’d like to share. Even after all the chicken, and you still find yourself craving more KFC goodies, don’t worry. To complement your chicken, you can also get a large Whipped Potato or Cheezy Wedges for an add-on of RM5! Well, have you marked your calendar for the coming Tuesday to visit KFC yet? The Chicken Tuesday promo runs every Tuesday for a limited time only, so you don’t want to miss it! Round up your colleagues, friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, and head over to KFC on Tuesday! See you there!

Note: Chicken Tuesday is available in all KFC outlets nationwide except Genting Highlands and airport outlets.