How To Find The Right Walking Shoes

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Whether you are going for a stroll around the park or shopping mall or even taking a daily commute to your workplace, it is important to own a good pair of walking shoes. This is especially true if you happen to walk a lot, regardless of business or leisure. However, not every shoe is created equal. That said, what should you consider when you decide to purchase a new pair of walking shoes? Keep reading and find out below.

1) Choose To Buy Them In The Evening

Although you have your rights to buy a new pair of walking shoes at any time of the day, bear in mind you might up regretting your purchase later. The reason is simple: Your feet will swell over the course of the day no matter what you are doing. This also means your shoes may fit well in the morning but will end up tighter by the time you spend your day walking in the afternoon. So, it’s best to shop for them in the evening or later in the day where your feet are at their largest. That way, you are able to choose the best fit for your feet and at the same time, you’ll get a comfortable pair of walking shoes that can last you all day.

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2) Take Your Time To Try Different Pairs

You may be tempted with that particular shoe design you saw in an ad. But that doesn’t mean the shoe is right for you. Remember the phrase “not every shoe is created equal”? It is a general rule of thumb that you should remember each time you wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. So, whenever you’re at the shop, don’t be afraid to try more than a pair if the first one doesn’t fit well. Take your time, do a comparison and don’t let the salesperson intimidate or rush you to make a purchase.

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3) Understand The Type Of Your Feet

Every person has different types of feet. Generally, you either have low-arched/flat feet or high-arched feet. If you are unsure about the type of feet you have, run a test at home before you make your way to the shop. First, dip your feet in the water and follow by stepping on a piece of cardboard. Then, look down at your footprint. You have low arches if you see most of your footprint, while you have high arches if you see little of them.

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4) Always Wear Socks When You Shop For Shoes

Never buy a new pair of shoes while you are in the shop wearing sandals, or going sockless. Wear your socks like you normally do or at least bring them along whenever you want to try a new pair of shoes.

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5) Make Sure They Are Comfortable

When you are at the shop trying a new pair of shoes, make sure they feel comfortable the moment you put them on. If you struggle the first time round, it probably means the shoe isn’t right for you. Also, don’t bother about your shoes beingable to stretch out no matter how much you love them. If they are tight, forget about purchasing them.

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6) Look Out For These Features

A good pair of walking shoes should last longer and make you feel comfortable all day long. Do your research beforehand. Useful features like lightweight material, extra cushioning, flexibility, sturdy heel construction as well as breathable upper and roomy toe box are particularly important to keep in mind upon purchase.

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