Be Treated Like An EMPEROR At This New Luxe Cinema In Johor

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Sometimes we feel like splurging a little when watching movies and going for the best experience out there. We have GSC Gold Class and Premiere Class as well as TGV Indulge and Luxe. But now there’s a new player in the luxury cinema scene and they have brought their A game. Emperor Cinemas is available to the public of Johor.

Emperor Cinemas

The new Emperor Cinemas is a luxury cinema that was introduced back in 2015 and is available in Mainland China and Hong Kong. After garnering lots of success and support, the brand has brought their services to our shores.

They have officially opened up SouthEast Asia’s first ever luxe cinema in R&F Mall, Johor Bahru!

So what can you expect from a luxe cinema?

Quality Service

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Firstly, they claim that their staff are all specially trained to provide only the best service to customers. Everyone from theatre managers, audio visual specialists, and service ambassadors should provide quality service.


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Also, the interior design is stunning. It’s very spacious, well lit, and the use of grey, silver, and bronze is a great way of promoting a sense of luxury. Make sure to check out the suspended ceiling structures and the glowing staircase.

Food and Beverages

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Next, the food and drinks have been inspired by old school glamour with delicious food and exciting cocktails being served. You can also opt for some high quality wine to sip on while watching your movie. Meanwhile, the food is prepared by experienced chefs while the cocktails are crafted by talented mixologists.

Cinema Halls

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At Emperor Cinemas, moviegoers can choose from 8 different luxury halls. Choose from 2 Dolby Atmos halls and 6 Dolby 7.1 halls, each one uses the SONY 4K Laster projector system to ensure the finest visual quality. Each seat features flexible armrests and comfortable cushioning.

Other Emperor Cinemas Services

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Over at this luxe cinema, you can also hold events and parties if you’re looking to entertain guests while mixing things up. You can have a birthday party there with great food and drinks while watching a movie of choice.

You can also play your favourite eSports games on the big screen for that extra fun! Imagine playing all the best games with amazing sound system and visuals. You can even have a gaming tournament with all your friends.