These Chinese New Year Ads Show You What It’s Really About

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As the days pass we are getting closer and closer to Chinese New Year. In fact, we will begin celebrations in just a few days! As usual, big brands have been rolling out their Chinese New Year ads for the festive time. We have found a few that show you what the New Year is really about.

Chinese New Year Time!

Chinese New Year
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The biggest highlight of the celebration is reuniting with family members and celebrating together. Unfortunately not everyone is in the ideal position to celebrate with those they hold dear. These advertisements want to really remind you of what’s important, your family.

It’s About Family

In this Maxis advertisement, the father has trouble remembering his daughter and the days that pass. While it is a challenge, she still takes care of her father and does her best to make him happy. Sometimes, a video is all it takes to remember the good times together.

Next, this spectacular ad by iPhone shows that sometimes family members drift apart for various reasons. In here, the main character drives a taxi with her daughter after leaving her mothers house. However, in the end the mother and daughter reunite over some dumplings. The message here is that during Chinese New Year, family is the most important.

Chinese New Year Laughs

Moving on, things don’t always have to be so serious during the festive season. It’s also about having fun! These two Chinese New Year ads take a jab at some occurrences in a way that can make you smile.

In this Nike advertisement, they address how sometimes parents tell us not to accept AngPows from some relatives. Here, Nike has dramatised the situation to a whole new level. The aunty and her niece are seen fighting over the AngPow up to the point that they run around in fields and farms. The tables turn when the niece is married with children and it’s her turn to give the AngPow.

Once more, it’s another dramatised version of what usually happens during Chinese New Year. We all know that during this time there are lots of preparations to do. The house needs to be cleaned, cookies need to be bought, and new clothes. Here Grab is showing how their app features can help you Tai Chi those hassles away!

Some Chinese New Year Need-to-Know’s

Chinese New Year can also be a bit complicated thanks to all the traditions and rules that surround it. These Chinese New Year ads help you to know a bit more about the festivity.

In this upbeat and fun advertisement from Hyundai, the aim is to help you learn some popular greetings. Perfect for anyone who can’t speak Mandarin but doesn’t want to be left out. They even find creative ways to help you pronounce and remember the words!

Lastly, this advertisement from Etiqa may be a bit of a tear jerker to some. Throughout the video we see a little girl cycling around the house. On her way she passes out advice to family members around the house. This includes ‘don’t shake your leg’ and ‘don’t sweep the floor’. It is only at the end of the video that we discover her motivation to do so.

We hope you enjoyed these advertisements that help remind us about what the festive season is truly about. Some are lighthearted and funny while there are also some heart touching ones.

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!