8 Phone Case Brands to Protect Your Precious iPhones

8 Phone Case Brands to Protect Your Precious iPhones
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iPhones, without a doubt, are pricey investments. And this is why protecting your phone is the first defence you should do. That defence in question is investing in a good, quality phone case. This case offers protection against the likes of drops, bumps and scratches and while it’s not 100% foolproof, at least it minimises the damage. Below are the 8 phone case brands to protect your iPhones in alphabetical order.

1) Case-Mate

The U.S.-based Case-Mate is all about styles that define your personality. The brand has been around since 2005 and its range of phone cases aren’t mere aesthetics. Take one of their bestsellers, for instance: the lustre Touch of Pearl phone case with sturdy built-in magnets, making it easy for MagSafe charging and accessorising. The case itself is built tough against accidental drops, capable of sustaining impact as far down as 10-12 feet.

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2) Element Case

If you have older iPhone models, namely the XS and 14 series, Element Case has you all covered with its reasonably-priced range. For instance, if you still own the iPhone 14 model, the MagSafe-compatible Special Ops boasts a rugged but lightweight black design. It’s built tough to withstand accidental minor-to-moderate drop, thanks to its military-grade protection. The case is also equipped with a double-reinforced construction via the shock deflection armour technology designed for absorbing drop impact.

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Element Case
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3) ESR

The combination of durability and reliability is the name of the game for ESR, offering cases that protect your iPhones against accidental drops and scratches. One of their most popular options is the Class Hybrid Case with Stash Stand (HaloLock) made for the iPhone 15 series. The clear, transparent design means you still get to show off the colour of your phone but with peace of mind of added protection.

The latter is especially true with its military-grade protection, complete with Air Guard corners and a scratch-resistant design to keep your phone physically safe. The Stash Stand and yes, it’s fully adjustable, meaning you can prop your phone for a hands-free viewing experience. The stand itself is constructed using sturdy zinc alloy material. Finally, it’s MagSafe-compatible too.

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4) Galado

Be it minimalist or something fancy, Galado’s iPhone cases are not just made to look nice but also offer reliable protection. The Naked Case series, for instance, sports an ultra-slim case all around at just 0.3mm. It doesn’t easily turn yellow too while the barely-there “naked” design means it looks and feels unobtrusive. Alternatively, there’s Sparkle Blossom in a transparent glittering pink waterfall design. You can even have your phone case personalised with your name for free.

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5) Loucase

Formerly Casebywf, Loucase’s iPhone cases not only protect your mobile devices but also look good and stylish. Every phone case has its own personality, covering three collections: Klearlux, Protech and Say My Name. If you prefer a slim phone case, you can’t go wrong with the Klearlux line, offering unique themed designs made from soft transparent TPU material.

But if you are frequently on the go, the military-grade Protech line would be an ideal choice. The cases incorporated the two-layer Protech material that is shockproof and capable of withstanding up to 6.6 feet. The Say My Name collection, in the meantime, allows you to personalise your name on the back of the phone case.

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6) OtterBox

OtterBox has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1998. Their speciality in phone accessories includes cases made for iPhone models with three primary collections: the Defender Series, Symmetry Series and FRĒ Series. For instance, the Defender Series offers a multi-layer construction to protect your iPhone from the likes of drops, bumps and dirt. The FRĒ Series’s waterproof cover, in the meantime, boasts an IP68 rating that can survive two metres for up to 1 hour.

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Founded in 2012, the California-based TORRAS’s UPRO Ostand SS iPhone cases offer a choice of Green, Orange and Black colours. The case feels soft and comfortable to hold in your hand. Among the highlights include the Tora-Clear Max, which helps to minimise the yellowish stain on the case over time while the Tora-Air Max offers an airbag-like protection that cushions your phone in case of an accidental fall.

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8) X-One

X-One’s products are SGS-certified for “safety, quality and integrity”, offering you peace of mind upon using them. One of their bestsellers, the Dropguard Pro offers a choice of Hologram, Transparent (Clear/Black) and Glitter (Clear/Black) designs to fit your preferred style and personality. The case features DNA Guard, a proprietary shock-absorbing technology combined with the reinforced honeycomb-style hexagon structure. It helps to reduce shock and impact when your phone drops onto the ground. The overall slim design means it won’t feel bulky when you hold your phone.

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