10 Ways of Eating Only Malaysians Can Relate To

There’s no denying that we Malaysians are rather creative when it comes to our first great love: food. Some staple Malaysian food items include rice, durian, chilli, and Maggi mee; and we love to mix them up with other food to see what creations we can make. You could easily replicate some of these Malaysian food combos at home, whereas you would have to visit the shops for others if you want to try them out for yourself.

1) Maggi Mee + Cheese

You may or may not have tried this before as it’s really simple, but this is officially a Malaysian thing now. This tastes especially good when you’re tired of plain old Maggi mee, letting the flavour of cheese take over instead.

Image Credit: khuichingg.blogspot.my

2) Noodles + Curry Sauce

Ubiquitous at events which use food caterers (birthday parties, weddings etc.), this combination is a local favourite. Select your noodle of choice (fried beehoon, fried mee) and drizzle curry generously over your noodles to enjoy!

Image Credit: hungrygowhere.my

3) “Michael Jackson”

This is actually just a fancy name for soya bean and cincau; you can guess why locals dubbed it “Michael Jackson”. This drink isn’t as popular as it was last time, but the older generation will definitely remember this. Why not try this the next time you eat out?

Kopitiam Drinks Codenames (1 of 8)
Image Credit: sethlui.com

4) Chilli, Chilli & More Chilli

We eat roti canai with curry. Nasi lemak with sambal. Curry laksa with chilli padi. Mee goreng tambah pedas. There are so many ways to incorporate chilli into our food, and we never waste an opportunity to enjoy chilli, even if we get a horrible stomachache later from chilli overload. Even plain white rice with chilli padi makes a good meal!

Chili Soy Sauce Dip
Image Credit: vermilionroots.com

5) The Milo Invasion

Other people: *spoons milo powder into a cup and adds hot water*

Milo isn’t just a household beverage anymore, you know? The ways Milo has infiltrated our food include Milo with Maggi curry, roti Milo, the Milo dinosaur, Milo with raw egg, Milo powder with bread (sometimes with condensed milk), and of course, Milo powder spooned straight into our mouths.

Image Credit: penangfoodforthought.com

6) Rojak + Cendol

No, we do not have one without the other. They come in a package, like kaya and butter on toast. One does not simply separate them. A bowl of ice-cold cendol is perfect to wash down a meal of rojak, which could be slightly spicy for some people.

Worth The Queue
Image Credit: burpple.com

7) Rice + Ketchup/Chilli Sauce

This is what to do when you’re lazy to cook or have run out of groceries at home. It may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re feeling adventurous and/or really love ketchup/chilli sauce, you should totally try this combination!

Image result for heinz ketchup rice
Image Credit: coloribus.com

8) Coffee/Tea Variations

If you frequent mamak shops or kopitiams, then you’ll know what I mean. From coffee or tea, we’ve managed to come up with several variations of those two drinks, including cham, kopi c, teh o ais, kopi o and teh c beng. And who doesn’t know the all-time favourite, teh tarik kurang manis?

Teh tarik at Warong Fauziah
Image Credit: timeout.com

9) Rice + Durian

Another combination that’s not for everyone, but rather well-known nevertheless. As both are fair representatives of Malaysia, you can’t get any more Malaysian than this. Self-proclaimed durian lovers should definitely try this at least once in their lives.

durian sticky rice
Image Credit: luminousvegans.wordpress.com

10) “Nasi Lemak” Everything

You name it, we’ve got it. From cakes to crème brûlée, crêpes to burgers, and even ice-cream, we love our nasi lemak too much to just eat it like that. No, nasi lemak deserves to be in everything.

Image result for nasi lemak cake
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