8 Insta-Worthy Picnic Sets for Your Next Outing

picnic set
Image Credit: Glamz Event Picnic & Just Nic

Weather permitting — picnics are actually a very fun and enjoyable activity that you can do with your family, friends or loved one. It makes for an exciting gathering option or a unique date that you can surprise your partner with. With many picnic rentals available recently, it is so easy to set up an Insta-worthy picnic where you can take pretty pictures while making good memories with the people around you. Here are 8 places in Klang Valley where you can rent a beautiful picnic set (FYI food and beverages are usually not included) for your next outing!

1. Glamz Event Picnic

As they are quite new to the scene having only been operating since October, not much information is available for Glamz Event Picnic. A look through their Instagram page shows They had an opening promo back in October with prices as low as RM99 for a picnic set rental. For more information, drop them a text through the link on their bio!

Image Credit: @glamzeventpicnic

2. Basket and Blanket

Based in Banting, Basket and Blanket offers picnic rental sets for as low as RM50 with picnic essentials such as picnic blanket, tray table, rattan tray, tulip flowers and picnic basket. If you have a smaller budget, their picnic rental set is affordable without compromising your picnic aesthetic. Just top up with a cute Korean bento cake, some sandwiches and a bubbly drink and you’re good to go.

Image Credit: @basketandblanket_

3. Sentuh KL

With picnic sets from starting RM50 onwards, you can choose to add on more props such as mirror, lace umbrella, 3-tier dessert stand depending on the theme of your picnic outing. You also get to choose the colour of your picnic cloths and even the type of rattan basket that you would like. Just make sure you make your booking 2 weeks in advance! All you have to do is take a screenshot of the picnic set that you would like to rent and send a direct message with the date and time of your picnic adventure.

Image Credit: @sentuh.kl

4. Our Classy Picnic

With the tagline of creating a one-of-a-kind picnic experience for their customers, Classy Picnic is here to help you create an unforgettable picnic experience with their picnic set rentals. The packages offered start from RM120 with classy names such as The Chic, The Fab, The Atas and The Tai Tai. The packages are catered towards pax size, so you can choose the packages depending on how many people are in your picnic. You also have the option of adding on premium dried flowers, wine glass, tepee tent and even picnic food preparation!

Image Credit: @our.classy.picnic

5. Just Nic

The picnic set rentals are done a little differently at Just Nic. With picnic sets that are prepared according to various themes, you get to choose the one that reflects the aesthetic that you want the most. They currently offer 4 themes – Heavenly White Set, Romantic Vintage Set, Retro Picnic Set and Classis Summer Set. I especially like the Retro Picnic Set with the patterned picnic cloth and round rattan table – a very retro Malaysian vibe especially if you also packed Nyonya kuih for your picnic just like in their pictures.

Image Credit: @justnic.my

6. Summer Joy

Bring some summer joy into your picnics when you rent your picnic set from Summer Joy – choose from their Basic, Fancy, Countryside or Korean Ins set. Easy to set up and full of props for a fun photoshoot with your girlfriends or partner, you can opt to pick up your picnic set rental if you are based in Kepong. Of course, delivery is available too. Consider adding on the automatic bubble machine to create an even more magical picnic experience!

Image Credit: @summerjoy.co

7. Picnic Set Rental

Based in Ampang, their basic set starts at a very affordable price of RM40. It includes a picnic cloth, rattan basket, coasters, and trays and of course, you can add on other props as you see fit. If you have a sweet tooth in your group, why not get a box of fat macarons (yes, they’re not your usual macarons) that would look great in your pictures and taste yummy too? They’re the perfect picnic desserts to round up your picnic experience.

Image Credit: @picnic_set_rental

8. Daily Sparks

Founded by a couple who had a memorable Valentine’s Day picnic, they were inspired to set up their own picnic rental set business to help others create their own memorable moments. Other than the usual picnic sets, they have also curated a home movie rental set complete with a projector and popcorn machine for those who prefer the indoors. Or you can also consider their Car Picnic Set or Home Cafe Toaster Set that comes with everything you need to create that special moment with your loved ones.

Image Credits: Daily Sparks