Malaysia’s Top 10 Paper Quilling Artists

Malaysia's Top 10 Paper Quilling Artists
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Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. In Malaysia, the art of paper quilling is slowly catching up with the people, which explains why these paper quilling artists have gained a steady following on social networking sites. Here are Malaysia’s Top 10 Paper Quilling Artists, as chosen by the people.

1) Quillosophy


With a name like Quillosophy, it’s not that hard to wonder why this quilling enterprise founded by Bavani Ratnam, is at the top of this list. Actively quilling since 2012, Quillosophy is all about sharing the art of quilling. Bavani has become an expert in creating a variety of artworks using different paper quilling techniques and her artworks encompass decorative art, cards and even accessories. She also accepts custom requests, if you have any idea in mind. | FB: quillosophy | IG: @quillosophy


2) Handmade by B


Handmade by B is an art and craft design shop that was established by Dr. Bharathi Supramaniam, whose passion is to design couture bespoke designs for her customers. Aside from being a doctor, Bharathi also enjoys designing products that meet the unique requirements of each and every client. Everything at Handmade by B is handmade delicately by Bharathi herself and all products are one-off pieces. The mission of Bharathi is to provide her customers with a unique gift to give their loved ones.

FB: handmadebyb | IG: @kamasupreviti


3) Ceres Lau


Ceres Lau is a paper quilling artists from Sarawak, who has studied graphic design in London. Known to be hands-on with every project, Ceres is a self-proclaimed paper addict. Based on her designs seen on her official social pages, it’s evident that Ceres enjoys experimenting and exploring different work of art using paper as a primary medium. Ceres is available for those of you who have any exciting projects for her to work on. | IG: @ceres_lau


4) Miezcraft


Founded in 2010 by a male crafter, Miezcraft is all about the passion for art and design of quilling. As per featured on several publications like KLUE, KOSMO and Berita Harian, the founder of Miezcraft works hands-on in order to remain authentic yet creative. Aside from working with paper, the owner of Miezcraft also enjoys creating art with crochets and fabrics. Interested customers can just email Miezcraft to order any of the creations advertised on his official page. | FB: miezcraft | IG: @miezcraft


5) Paper N Quill


Based in Kuching, Paper N Quill is created by a small team, who enjoys the art of quilling. Aside from quilling, Paper N Quill also sells quilling supplies and conducts classes for anyone who’s interested to learn the art of quilling. All products are handmade and Paper N Quill is ready to customise anything, as per the customer’s request. Since getting the limelight in several newspapers, such as ‘International Times’ and ‘See Hua Daily’, Paper N Quill has been growing and gaining a name for itself among Malaysia’s top paper quilling artists. | FB: papernquill | IG: @lulupnq


6) Fara Quilling Art


Fara Wahida Hamdan enjoyed the art of quilling so much that she started her own quilling enterprise, which is known as Fara Quilling Art. Judging from her social profiles, Fara has found a niche for herself by specializing in wedding props and wedding guest books using her creative paper quilling skills. She even goes to the extent of providing classes for those who want to pick up some quilling techniques. With her consistency, it is just the matter of time Fara Quilling Art will gain more followers in the space of quilling. | IG: @fara1128


7) Nurul Syawaniey


With an eye for colour and composition using paper, Nurul Syawaniey has displayed remarkable talent in creating paper quilling products. Just like Fara Quilling Art, Nurul utilizes her paper quilling expertise to produce wedding props and guest books. If you are looking for a custom made guest book that is unique and personable, look no further than Nurul’s creations. Do check out Nurul Syawaniey’s on her Instagram for inspiration.

IG: @wanieeeyyy


8) Kegembiraancinta


Kegembiraancinta is all about creating decorative designs with the use of paper. The fact that many people order wedding board made of paper quilling from Kegembiraancinta proves that she is on the right track to creating beautiful things that people highly appreciate. The interesting thing about this paper quilling artist is that its products are simple at the same time lovely looking . Kegembiraanncinta also creates wedding guest book that is equally pretty and unique. | IG: @kegembiraancinta


9) AR Warna Warni


AR Warna Warni opened its online doors to consumers in Malaysia in 2011. Since then, there has been no stopping for this paper quilling artist who loves to share her passion for the art of quilling to people in Malaysia. AR Warna Warni prides itself on her products that are uniquely handmade with great attention to details. All products are designed and created by the founder herself and her crafts are available for online purchase through the links below. | FB: arwarnawarni | IG: @arwarnawarni


10) Little Attic Art


Little Attic Art has been around the paper quilling business since 2010 when quilling was still considered new. Based in Malaysia, this little paper quilling business vows to make everything by hands. The fact that paper quilling is intensely time consuming while Little Attic Art is able to display an intricate workmanship is what sets Little Attic Art apart from the competition. Customers who are interested, can contact Little Attic Art from Monday to Friday by just leaving a message on their official Facebook page.

FB: littleatticart | IG: @littleatticart

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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