Top 10 Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru

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Heading down to Johor Bahru for a short break? You’ll be happy to find an abundance of delicious food there, both locally inspired and otherwise. This time around, we’re taking a glimpse at the Top 10 Brunch Cafes in Johor Bahru.

1) Kafuka Café & Music Studio

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Kafuka Café & Music Studio

Kafuka is located at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, which is in Skudai. They are open every day except for Thursdays, and serve up everything from breakfast to dinner, along with drinks and coffee. It is a non-halal establishment, so you can expect dishes like Pork Patty Pancake, a filling brunch option for those who like it. It also doubles as a Music Studio, so music lovers will definitely appreciate it.

FB: kafukacafe | IG: @kafukacafe

2) Atlas Coffee Embassy

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Atlas Coffee Embassy

Atlas Coffee Embassy wants you to feel right at home when you dine with them, which is why comfort is a key element there. With an inviting white themed concept designed by a Japanese designer, it is stylish too. While you enjoy brunch, be sure to order a cup of coffee too, as it’s specially curated by their award-winning barista to suit Johorean taste buds. | FB: atlascoffee | IG: @atlascoffee

3) Coffee Signature / Container Café

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Coffee Signature Container Café

How about brunch in a container? Go to Taman Sri Tebrau for a unique brunch experience in this quaint container café. Be sure to try out their signature Sweet Rain Coffee. Other menu items worth a mention are their waffles and dessert selections. They are open daily, from 12 noon onwards.

FB: coffeesignature | IG: @coffeesignature

4) Ink N Water

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Ink N Water

Ink N Water is located at Taman Pelangi, and in addition to coffee to keep you bright-eyed in the A.M., they also serve up meals and desserts, like their special Pork Bolognese Pasta or their Moist Chocolate Cake. Their interior is rather cozy with a homely feel. Outdoor seating is also available.

FB: inknwater | IG: @inknwater

5) Just Want Coffee, Homies

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Just Want Coffee Homies

As the name suggests, you should probably round up your crew and pay this café a visit. This café has been in existence since 2014, located in Taman Molek. With “home” as the main concept behind their business, they also have a decidedly retro vibe going on. Be sure to order their coffee and bagels. They’re open daily from 12 noon until midnight.

FB: jwchomies | IG: @justwantcoffee

6) The Brew Orchestra

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru The Brew Orchestra

Also in Taman Molek is The Brew Orchestra, which has specialty coffee on their menu. They just updated their menu last October, to include dishes that are inspired by European, Japanese and local flavours. Coffee addicts should follow them on social media to see what new blends they might have in store. They are open seven days a week. | FB: thebreworchestra | IG: @thebreworchestra

7) Bliss

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Bliss

With coffee supplied by two of the best roasters in Singapore – Nylon and Papa Palheta, you must get a cup for yourself along with your meal. If that’s not your style, teas, juices and even beer is available. They also have Breakfast All Day, and other meals. Finally, have some boutique ice-cream to top off a wonderful meal.

FB: | IG: @bliss.sutera

8) Flowers in the Window

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Flower in the Window

Flowers in the Window seems like the perfect place to plan for your next Instagram photoshoot, with their quirky interior that’s practically asking to be photographed. But of course, the food is just as important. Check out their brunch menu, daily specials, and their cakes. They’re open every day except Tuesdays.

IG: @flowersinthewindow09

9) Faculty of Caffeine

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru Faculty of Caffeine

Pancakes are a breakfast staple, but for those who prefer to sleep in, Faculty of Caffeine is here to the rescue – with pancakes available all day. They can be enjoyed savoury as a meal, or sweet as a dessert, however you prefer. Their meals are pork and lard free. The café is open every day from 9am until 6pm. Pay them a visit at Jalan Trus.

FB: facultyofcaffeine | IG: @facultyofcaffeine

10) The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen

Top Brunch Cafés in Johor Bahru The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen

The Replacement can be found at Jalan Dhoby, a charming little street that harkens back to pre-war times. It’s a bed and breakfast lodge, which means it’s a good choice if you need a place to crash when you’re in Johor Bahru. Check out their specialty coffee and their Melbourne inspired brunch spreads. Their establishment is halal.

FB: thereplacementlodgeandkitchen | IG: @thereplacementlandk

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