Top 10 Woodcrafters in Singapore

Top 10 Woodcrafters in Singapore
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Feeling bored with all those wood products and furniture sold commercially in the shopping mall or retail outlet? Woodcrafters are your answer. They specialise in custom-made wood products and furniture, where you can have them personalised according to your specific needs. Here are the Top 10 Woodcrafters you should check out in Singapore.

1) Triple Eyelid studio

Triple Eyelid studio

Triple Eyelid Studio takes pride in using recycled timbers to reduce environmental waste. Every upcycled material is locally sourced from various job sites. Each furniture is meticulously handmade by a team of passionate young designers. They also offer bespoke design service where you can customise your own furniture. You can check out their furniture collection here or fill in your enquiry form to know more about their woodworking services. | FB: tripleeyelid | IG: @tripleeyelid

2) 25 Degree Woodworks

25 Degree Woodworks

25 Degree Woodworks is a brainchild of Joshua Ram, who spearheaded the woodworking services alongside his wife, Lovely Taidy. His undeniable skill and craftsmanship are evidently shown in some of his past projects, where you can see right here. Get in touch with 25 Degree Woodworks if you need to custom-made your own furniture or even a stationery holder. | FB: 25DegreeWoodworks | IG: @25degreewoodworks

3) The Woodwork Initiative

The Woodwork Initiative

Be it bespoke, custom-made or furniture restoration, you can count on The Woodwork Initiative to fulfil your requirement. It doesn’t even matter whether your wood products are meant for home or commercial use. Interested to learn the art of woodworking? There is a workshop specially tailored for both basic and intermediate level. You can email them at for more info about their workshop or any of their services.

FB: thewoodworkinitiative | IG: @thewoodworkinitiative

4) Bird’s Eye Studio

Bird's Eye Studio

Bird’s Eye Studio doesn’t favour mass-produced furniture. Instead, this small woodworking studio insists that every product is 100% handcrafted with utmost care and passion. This is to ensure the client a more personalised touch where no furniture looks the same. You can fill in your enquiry right here or call +65 9101 1423 for more info. | FB: birdseyestudiosingapore | IG:

5) WoodFix


Woodfix offers a wide range of woodworking services ranging from concept to installation. Some of their services include custom-made furniture for both home and commercial uses, as well as carpentry, CNC milling and signage. If you would like to know more about their services, you can contact them at +65 6493 5555 or drop them an email at | FB: | IG:

6) Plane & Bevel

Plane & Bevel

Plane & Bevel understands that quality matters the most when it comes to building a furniture. Every furniture is meticulously crafted with care and love using solid timber. The timber itself is sourced from the eco-conscious supplier. Want to know more about Plane & Bevel? Drop them a line right here or email your enquiry at | IG: @planeandbevel

7) Wood Yard

Wood Yard

Wood Yard is all about local. Everything from the wood source to the finishing touches is all locally made. They offer custom-made furniture services for both indoor and outdoor such as coffee table and chair made out of a stump. You can check out some of their fascinating works on their Facebook page or call them at +65 9662 5325 for more info.

FB: Wood Yard | IG: @woodyardsg

8) Wood Yuli

Wood Yuli

With over 9 years of experience, Wood Yuli is no stranger to personalised woodworks. The studio customise their furniture using various kinds of woods such as solid timber, teak, oak and suar. If you are interested to get in touch with Wood Yuli, you can contact them at +65 9857 6862 or visit their showroom at 71 Woodlands Ave 10. | FB: yuliwoodsg | IG: @woodyuli

9) Namu Wood Furniture

Namu Wood Furniture

If you are looking for an affordably-priced solid wood product, you might want to check out the Namu Wood Furniture. Each product is inspired by the eclectic mix of Scandinavian, Korean and Japanese designs. You can browse their range of products right here or visit their showroom 50 Playfair Road at Noel Building. | FB: namuwoodfurniture

10) Urban Salvation

Urban Salvation

Located at Tampines Street 93, Urban Salvation specialises in custom-made woodworking services. They also offer painting service for both private and HDB properties, as well as home repair services such as plumbing and artwork installation. You can reach out to them by calling +65 8338 8955 or send your enquiry via

FB: Urbansalvation | IG: @urbansalvation

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