Top 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore

Top 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore
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A wedding event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You definitely do not want your big day to be disastrous or just plain mundane. Which is why a professional emcee is important to make your wedding both lively and engaging. Besides, this is what emcees do best — entertain the crowd and make everyone happy. So, here are the Top 10 Wedding Emcees in Singapore that you might want to check out!

1) Wayne Emcee

Wayne Emcee

Nobody wants a mundane wedding event and this is where Wayne Emcee comes in. You can count on him to brighten up your wedding moment with his witty remarks and lively presence. After all, Wayne is an experienced, bilingual emcee who’s been involved in a variety of events from Channel U talk show to sports events. Best of all, his emcee service is reasonably priced to suit every budget. Find out more about Wayne Emcee by visiting his website below or contact his telephone/mobile number at +65 6850 5182 or +65 9181 7401 for further inquiries. | FB: wayneemcee | IG: @wayneemceesingapore

2) Stanley Soh

Stanley Soh

Fun, lively and good-looking — it’s hard not to fall for his sheer charisma and energy upon taking the stage as your wedding emcee. That’s Stanley Soh or Stan The Man, who’s been hosting events since his days in the secondary school. You can check out some of his portfolios on the website or give him a call at +65 8691 8168. | FB: emceestanley | IG: @emceestan

3) Karin Lim

Karin Lim

She’s been working as a voiceover artist for the likes of OCBC Bank’s Singapore Sports Hub SG50 Carnival and National Museum of Singapore. Not to mention she has a wealth of experience hosting as a versatile emcee for various events and workshops like Ritz Carlton Christmas Fiesta, Shiseido Beauty Innovator Award and Ultimate Wedding Bootcamp. If you need her to host your event like weddings in English or Mandarin, you can engage Karin Lim by sending your email to

FB: karin.emcee | IG: @karin.emcee

4) Choy Ting

Choy Ting

Choy Ting’s expertise lies not only in her hosting experience as an emcee, but she also turns out to be a versatile singer. She can sing in multilingual languages from English to Mandarin and even Korean. Choy Ting is also known for her bubbly personality, so rest assured your wedding event would turn memorable with her taking centrestage. Send your email to for more details.

FB: ChoyTingPerforms | IG: @choytingperforms

5) Linus Lee

If you are looking to make your wedding event extra special, Linus Lee is the man for the job. Besides, he’s not just your regular emcee but known more as a Wedding Showmaster with 15 years of experience who does everything from hosting to singing and even performing as a pianist. And speaking of performing, Linus happens to be an accomplished musician since 1994 and he could be seen appearing in both local and international jazz festivals like Japan, Australia and Canada. What more could you ask for? Give him a call at +65 9668 4820 or send your email to | FB: masterpiecewedding | IG: @masterpiecewedding

6) Ainsley Chong

Ainsley Chong

Leave it to Ainsley Chong to turn your wedding event into a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s going to be spectacular and unforgettable. More than just your charismatic host with a great sense of humour, Ainsley also proves to be an experienced entertainer in performing magic tricks and other forms of entertainment. Give him a call at +65 9114 2044 or email to if you have any inquiries regarding his emcee services. | FB: ainsley.chong | IG: @ainsleychong

7) Karthik Kandthey

Karthik Kandthey

With nearly a decade of hosting experience, Karthik Kandthey has been anchoring all kinds of events ranging from wedding receptions to corporate events and birthday parties. He is also known for his jovial and funny personality, making him a go-to emcee that helps to enliven the atmosphere of any wedding event. You can engage his service by calling +65 9424 5866 or send your email to

FB: emceekarthik | IG: @emceekarthik

8) Priscilla Zheng

Priscilla Zheng

Hosting is what she does best, as Priscilla has been an emcee for a decade. Her sociable and spontaneous personality has made her a local favourite among those who have previously engaged her for hosting wedding events. Apart from hosting, she also regularly blogs about her life as a stay-at-home mom. You can get in touch with her by sending her an email to | FB: priscillatheemcee | IG: @mummypriscilla

9) Emcee Sharina

Emcee Sharina

One word: versatile. That’s the best word to describe Sharina Bynes, who has a wealth of experience ranging from dance choreography to hosting various events like weddings, product launches and gala dinners. And if you regularly watch TV, you might remember her as one of the contestants in Channel 5’s Season 1 of the primetime reality series, “Can You Serve”. Send her an email to if you are looking to engage for her emcee services.

FB: emceesharina | IG: @sharinabynes

10) Evangeline Long

Evangeline Long

Evangeline knows best when comes to hosting an event. After all, she has been an emcee since the tender age of 17. She also proved to be a versatile talent in doing voiceovers as well as acting in TV series and commercials such as Channel 5’s Season 2 drama of “Lifeline” and Courts TVC. You can call her at +65 9009 8448 or email to for more details regarding her services. | FB: emceeellee | IG: @emcee_ellee

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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