Top 10 Tingkat Meal Delivery Services in Singapore

Top 10 Tingkat Meal Delivery Services in Singapore
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Forget about fast food for a change. Even if you have no time to prepare a meal at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious home-cooked dishes. Which brings us the convenience of freshly-made Tingkat meals typically served in tiffin carriers or microwavable containers. Just place your order accordingly and have your hearty meal delivered right to your doorsteps! Now, whether you are having them for lunch or dinner, here are the recommended Top 10 Tingkat Meal Delivery Services in Singapore.

1) RichFood


Come lunch or dinner, RichFood got you and your loved one(s) covered with their healthy range of MSG-free home-cooked meals. Choose from 10-day or 20-day meal packages, which comes with a set of white/brown rice, 3 or 4 dishes and 1 soup. First-time customers, however, may opt for their 5-day trial meal instead. Keep in mind that RichFood only provides delivery from Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays. | FB: TingkatDelivery.RichFood | IG: @tingkat.richfood

2) FattyDaddy FattyMummy

FattyDaddy FattyMummy

FattyDaddy FattyMummy isn’t just about providing the convenience of Tingkat-style home-cooked meals to your doorsteps. They also want you and your family to eat healthy too, as evidently seen with their Love, Tingkat! menu. Available for dinner only to residential areas, their menu consists of 3 dishes and a soup — all of which contain less salt, oil and no added MSG. And true to their healthy Love, Tingkat! menu, they use only fresh ingredients with no canned or processed food whatsoever. | FB: fattydaddyfattymummy | IG: @fattydaddyfattymummy

3) Kim Paradise

Kim Paradise

With over 200 dishes on the menu, you won’t get bored with the same old food every day when you order Kim Paradise’s range of home-cooked Tingkat meals. They have meal packages for 5, 10 or 20 days ranging from one to five persons regardless of lunch or dinner. Rest assured that Kim Paradise only uses the freshest ingredients possible for the meal preparation with less salt and oil. If that’s not enough, they even conduct their own taste tests on every meal to maintain consistency in taste and quality before any delivery is made. | FB: kimparadisesingapore | IG: @kimparadisesg

4) Savory Kitchen Catering

Savory Kitchen Catering

Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals minus the hefty price tag, thanks to Savory Kitchen Catering’s affordably-priced Tingkat meal delivery service. They provide both lunch and dinner packages, with a wide range of dishes at over 200 recipes using less oil and salt. You can pick either 10-day or 20-day meal packages from 1 pax to 5 pax (4 dishes for lunch/ 3 dishes + soup or 4 dishes for dinner). | FB: savorykitchencatering

5) Le Xin Catering

Le Xin Catering

Le Xin Catering prides itself in offering nutritious food that contain no MSG as well as reduced salt and cholesterol. Not to mention all of their food are cooked using pure vegetable oil. Their Tingkat delivery consists of Family Deluxe or Asian Delight, with meal options like Thai Style Pineapple Rice, Mee Goreng and Stir-Fried Hor Fun. While they generally offer 20-day meal packages, first-timers can opt for a 5- or 10-day trial too. | FB: LeXinCatering | IG: @lexincatering

6) Ronnie Kitchen

Ronnie Kitchen

A specialist in Chinese cuisine, Ronnie Kitchen offers customers a choice of lunch and dinner menus that come with or without rice. You can opt for the 5-day trial or 20-day meal package, which will include a set of 3 dishes + 1 Soup or 4 dishes. Served in disposable microwaveable containers, Ronnie Kitchen only delivers to selected residential areas in Singapore except for condos and landed properties. | FB:

7) Tingkat Lunch & Dinner Meals

Tingkat Lunch & Dinner Meals

The name of the meal delivery service says it all, offering a hearty range of non-halal food served in tiffin carriers or microwavable containers. Pick either lunch or dinner, where you can commit to 20 or 40 days’ worth of meal package that come with 3 dishes & 1 soup or 4 dishes without soup. They serve primarily Chinese dishes such as Fish with XO Sauce, Braised Chicken with Bean Paste and Stir-Fry Cabbage Slice. Do take note their menu is rotated on a weekly basis. | FB: tingkatmeals

8) Best Catering

Best Catering

At Best Catering, you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat healthy food with their reasonably-priced Tingkat menus. All food are freshly prepared upon order using less oil and salt with no MSG and preservatives added. Their package is pretty straightforward, offering a 20-day contract for 1 to 4 persons for lunch or dinner. But newcomers may want to go for their 10-day trial meal. Expect over 200 different dishes on the menu, namely Steamed Pomfret Fish, Herbal Steamed Chicken and Chicken Feet Peanut Soup. | FB: bestcateringsingapore | IG: @bestcatering

9) KCK Food Catering

KCK Food Catering

KCK Food Catering has been around since 1991, where they provide not only catering but Tingkat lunch & dinner delivery as well. For the latter, health-conscious customers can look forward to their range of home-cooked dishes with minimum use of MSG and salt. Packages start from a 5-day meal with 3 dishes & 1 soup or 4 dishes. A choice of 10 or 20-day meal package is also available as well. | FB: KCKcater | IG: @kckcater

10) Mum’s Kitchen Catering

Mum's Kitchen Catering

Founded in 1996, Mum’s Kitchen Catering serves bento-style set meals consisting of rice (white/brown variety) with a different set of dishes (meat & vegetables). For instance, you can check out their Bento Lunch Box package (minimum 10-30 pax) or opt for their Healthier Choice menu, where the latter comes with the likes of steamed brown rice, mixed garden salad and rosemary-infused roasted chicken breast. | FB: MumsKitchenCatering | IG: @mumskitchencatering

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