Top 10 Roasted Pork Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Roasted Pork Restaurants in Singapore
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Just like char siew, chicken and duck, roast pork belly or commonly known as sio bak in Singapore are among the quintessential Chinese dishes. And speaking of roast pork belly, they have plenty of them available islandwide. This includes everywhere from the hawker stalls to the fine-dining restaurants, and here are the Top 10 Roasted Pork Restaurants in Singapore!

1) Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck

Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck

This Toa Payoh hawker stall may be known for their famous roast duck, but Hua Fong Kee’s char siew and sio bak (roast pork belly) is no slouch either. Crackling skin defines the latter with the overall roasted pork belly having a nice meat-to-fat ratio. Complemented well with white rice or noodles, you can choose to dine-in at their stall or have your favourite roasted meat dishes delivered to your doorsteps by giving them a call at 6253 2884.

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2) Char Restaurants

Char Restaurants

The name of their restaurant says it all, with Char’s signature char siew simply a must-order item from the menu. The well-marbled meat coupled with its nice, charred edge and coated sticky sweet-and-salty sauce is a delectable combination that makes their char siew such a crowd favourite. But don’t forget their roast pork belly either — well-marinated with Chinese & Western herbs and roasted to crispy perfection. The thickness of the skin is just nice, offering enough just enough crackle that balances well with the rest of the meat. | FB: charrestaurant | IG: @char_restaurants

3) Laifabar


Beyond the luxury boutique hotel of The Scarlet lies an elegant restaurant that serves good wanton noodles. Thin and chewy noodles paired with either char siew, roast pork belly or both — no doubt the ultimate comfort food one could ask for. If you prefer the latter, both of the crispiness and fattiness of the roast pork belly goes well with the springy noodles and green chillies. Alternatively, you can skip the noodles and go for their à la carte roast pork belly instead. | FB: laifabar | IG: @laifabar

4) Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Crispy, crackly and succulent — these are some of the words that best describe Crystal Jade Golden Palace’s Crispy Pork Belly. Served as an appetiser on a small plate, the roast pork belly comes in a total of nine evenly-diced squares. The skin has a thin layer of crispiness while both meat and the fat of the pork belly blend altogether just nice. Best dipped with a side serving of mustard sauce. | IG: @crystaljadesg

5) Fatty Cheong

Fatty Cheong

Fatty Cheong’s main speciality lies in its Bu Jian Tian char siew. And unusual enough for a char siew, the meat actually comes from the pig’s armpit. Other than their signature char siew, Fatty Cheong sells good roast pork belly too. Crackling crispy skin on the top with an adequate layer of fat and meat, the roast pork belly is best eaten with rice or even on its own.

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6) Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Serving authentic fine Chinese cuisine since 2004, Imperial Treasure has won several accolades, notably one-Michelin star in the Michelin Guide Singapore for the 2017-2019 edition. For starters, do try their roast pork belly. It’s packed with lots of flavour upon each bite, thanks to its salt brine and a layer of crunchy outer skin worth sinking your teeth into. Then, there’s the meat — both tender and succulent without being overwhelmed with a large amount of fat. | FB: imperialtreasuresg | IG: @imperialtreasuresg

7) Mei Mei Roast

Mei Mei Roast

Mdm Lee, the owner behind Mei Mei Roast is no stranger to serving roast meat, having previously worked for her sister at the famous Kay Lee Roast for over a decade. She subsequently set up her own stall in 2003, selling charcoal-roasted duck that has since become her signature dish. Her roast pork belly deserves a mention too, with the pork’s crispy skin marrying well alongside the succulent fattiness of the meat. Not to mention the tenderness of Mei Mei’s roast pork belly seals the deal as one of the must-order items here.

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8) Choon Kee Roasted Delights

Choon Kee Roasted Delights

What a delight, indeed! From their roast duck to char siew, Choon Kee Roasted Delights sure knows a thing or two about roasting meat. And that includes their roast pork belly as well — amazingly crispy on its outer skin with the right ratio of fat and meat. It also helps that their roast pork belly is sufficiently brined to give the meat a nice, flavourful bite. Previously originated from Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, you can locate their stall at Golden Mile Food Centre.

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9) WANTON – Seng’s Noodle Bar

WANTON - Seng's Noodle Bar

With an illustrious history spanning over 50 years, Seng’s Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1963. Today, you can enjoy Seng’s famous noodles in the comfort of a contemporary bar-like interior. One of their crown jewel includes the Roasted Crispy Pork Belly Noodle, combining Seng’s springy noodles with larger cuts of roast pork belly. For the latter, the roast pork belly itself is marinated for 24 hours — a result that gives the meat full of juice and tenderness while the outer skin crispy enough. | FB: | IG:

10) Yan Chuan Roaster – Ubi

Yan Chuan Roaster - Ubi

Known for their affordably-priced roast Peking duck, Yan Chuan Roaster — which has a wholesale outlet at Ubi Ave 2 and a fast food-style restaurant at Kitchener Complex —  also sells delectable roast pork belly. The result? Crackling skin on top, with juicy meat and a decent amount of fat too, providing a good mixture of crispiness and juiciness with each bite. | FB: yanchuanroasterskitchenercomplex | IG: @yanchuanroaster

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