Top 10 Ramen Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Ramen Restaurants in Singapore
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There’s nothing quite like a comforting bowl of noodles to get you through a meal, and ramen is a definite favourite in Asia. Singapore is home to many Ramen Noodle restaurants, each with their own specialties. Here are the Top 10 Ramen Restaurants there.

1) Ramen Nagi Singapore

Ramen Nagi Singapore

The Ramen Nagi franchise is a popular one, with a presence in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines, in addition to Singapore. They are an award-winning brand, and that means crowds are inevitable – but the wait is worth it. Moreover, ramen can be customized here, making it perfect for those who like to choose. | FB: RamenNagiSingapore | IG: @ramennagisingapore

2) Shinagawa Ramen

Shinagawa Ramen

Customers have commended them for their reasonable prices and fresh food. In fact, you can get a great selection of food at their cozy little restaurant. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, to find out what their latest promotions are. Their outlet can be found at Anson Road.

FB: shinagawaramen | IG: @shinagawa_ramen

3) Ramen Champion Singapore

Ramen Champion Singapore

This shop intends to bring customers the very best ramen from Japan for a contest – hence the “Champion” in their name. They have three outlets currently, in Bugis+, Changi Airport and Clarke Quay. In fact, it’s quite an interesting concept, as it allows customers to vote for their favourite and ultimately decide who wins the championship. | FB: ramenchampionsingapore | IG: @ramenchampion_sg

4) Brothers Ramen

Brothers Ramen

For Ramen from the heart, you best try out Brothers Ramen. They are open daily (save for Sundays) for lunch and dinner, with a short break in between. As the name suggests, the brand was founded by two brothers, who initially began with a stall at a coffee shop, but have since progressed to their own outlet in International Plaza. | FB: BrosRamen | IG: @brosramen

5) Ramen Matsuri

Ramen Matsuri

At Ramen Matsuri, they have a special thick chicken soup that results in a delicious and flavourful broth for the ramen. You can also opt for a spicier broth or even a dry type ramen. They also have a selection of add-on dishes to elevate your ramen experience. Visit Ramen Matsuri at North Canal Road. | FB: | IG: @ramen_matsuri

6) Jimoto Ya

Jimoto Ya

For those who want their ramen to have a Michelin association, Jimoto Ya is a great option. Their signature dish was created by Chef Nobumasa Mieda, from the Michelin-starred Kaiseki restaurant “MIEDA” in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They ensure customers that the flavours contained in their signature Ramen are a perfect reflection of Hakodate’s people.

FB: jimotoyasingapore | IG: @jimotoyasg

7) Menya Musashi

Menya Musashi

Hailing from Tokyo is the award-winning Menya Musashi. It has a cult following not only in Japan but elsewhere, having established the brand in Tokyo since 1996. They offer their noodles in a variety of textures, and you can also select your preferred soup. Their signature broth is the white tonkotsu broth, made from pork bones. | FB: menyamusashisg | IG: @menyamusashi

8) Ramen Gallery Takumen

Ramen Gallery Takumen

Takumen is tucked away in a quaint 1930s shophouse on Circular Road. They have six different ramen brands served there, using secret recipes and flavourful soup stock with distinctive flavours. They make sure to keep their menu innovative too, with different items. This restaurant only seats 30 but is worth a visit for a delicious bowl of noodles. | FB: | IG:

9) Uma Uma Ramen

Uma Uma Ramen

Uma Uma Ramen has almost 60 years of ramen making experience, and is now making a name in Singapore too. Their noodles are made using a family recipe, with tonkotsu stock for flavour. They assure that they are 100% MSG-free too. Uma Uma can be enjoyed at Forum the Shopping Mall in Singapore. | FB: umaumaramenSG | IG: @umaumaramen

10) Tsuta Singapore

Tsuta Singapore

You needn’t travel far to experience the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen. Just go to Singapore and head to Tsuta. Their ramen won awards from 2013, and their Shoyu Ramen with truffle oil is one of their Signature Dishes. Founder Yuki Onishi takes ramen to the next level, with carefully selected ingredients. | FB: Tsutasingapore | IG: @tsutaSingapore

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