Top 10 Preserved Flower Florists in Singapore

Top 10 Preserved Flower Florists in Singapore
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No doubt that fresh flowers are tried-and-tested gifts for different ocassions such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthdays or corporate events. But the thing is, fresh flowers tend to have a shorter shelf life. Thankfully, you can look forward to the next best alternative in the form of preserved flowers which are made to last longer than the former. Here are the Top 10 Preserved Flower Florists in Singapore that you might want to check out for your next gift shopping!

1) Enchanted Fiore

Enchanted Fiore

Enchanted Fiore specialises in a wide range of preserved roses, where you can purchase them conveniently from their online store. Their products are widely varied, from gift box sets, glass domes, charms and even keychains available. Alternatively, if you are looking for something cute, look out for their stuffed bear-like designs made from quality PE foam roses. Other than preserved roses, Enchanted Fiore also happens to be the first florist in Singapore to introduce preserved peonies for gifting. | FB: enchantedfiore | IG: @enchantedfiore

2) Floracent


Pronounced as “fluorescent”, this online florist offers varieties of preserved flowers, which are all designed and handcrafted in-house. Their lighted floral arrangements are either encased in a spherical or cylindrical-shaped glass dome, with each of them available in a single colour (Alluring Red, Elegant Blue) or multiple colours (Rainbow Series). If you are looking for something even more special like a customised floral assembly, simply reach out to them at for further details. | FB: sgfloracent

3) My Eternal Roses

My Eternal Roses

Just like the name suggests, this luxury floral studio primarily specialises in preserved roses using only 100% natural flowers imported from various parts of the world. My Eternal Roses has its own dedicated team of certified preserved flowers specialists, where each flower is handcrafted and beautifully arranged in different forms of decorations. This includes the likes of bloom boxes, acrylic displays, floral frames and mini glass domes. | FB: myeternalroses | IG: @myeternalroses

4) Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur prides itself in handcrafting their flower arrangements using only high-quality premium blooms, which are said to last longer than usual. They have different types of flowers available here, namely baby’s breath, carnation, hydrangea, orchid, rose and tulip. You can also choose to shop based on categories such as anniversary, birthday, graduation and proposal. Finally, Petite Fleur offers special flower arrangments for weddings or corporate events. | FB: petitefleursg | IG: @petitefleur_sg

5) JC Everlasting Flora

JC Everlasting Flora

Looking for a vibrant floral arrangement beautifully encased in a glass dome? You might want to check out JC Everlasting Flora, which provides the aforementioned design combined with different types of preserved flowers such as roses, hydrangeas and baby’s breath. Each of the design comes in unique themes, namely Lavender Dream, Fairytale and Tree of Wisdom. Alternatively, they have a unique variation in the form of a floral arrangement encased in a glass dome with Bluetooth speakers. For more info, simply reach out by WhatsApp at +65 9450 8104 or email to

FB: JCEverlastingFlora | IG: @jceverlastingflora

6) Hana’s Flowerlab

Hana’s Flowerlab

Hana, whose namesake Flowerlab specialises in customised floral arrangements in different variations such as glass domes and wedding bouquets. She uses both preserved flowers and dried flowers for her designs. Apart from that, Hana also conducts various workshops where you can learn how to design preserved flower wreaths or flower glass domes. You can contact her at +65 8133 8056 or send your enquiry to

FB: hanaflowerlab | IG: @hana_flowerlab

7) BloomBack


Whether it’s a gift for Christmas, birthdays or even a housewarming, there is something for everyone at BloomBack. Choose from their preserved floral arrangement in a glass dome or flower charm, where you can choose to personalise with your initials or messages. Some of their bestsellers include Isn’t She Wonderful, Everbloom Charm Smokey Blue and Love Beyond Time, with the latter coming embedded with a Bluetooth speaker and LED light. | FB: BloomBack | IG: @bloomback_ig

8) First Sight Singapore

First Sight Singapore

Founded in 2015, First Sight Singapore allows customers to shop for their preferred floral gift(s) at the comfort of their home or anyplace else via their online shop. Their shop is mainly divided into three different categories including Everlasting Series, Fresh Bouquets and Graduation Bouquets. They also provide special floral arrangements for events and weddings. For the latter, simply reach out to them via email at | FB: firstsightsingapore | IG: @firstsight_sg

9) Anndol Floral

Anndol Floral

Anndol Floral is an online florist that offers the likes of preserved flowers, graduation flowers as well as proposal/wedding bouquets. For the former, preserved flowers consists of roses or hydrangeas using only high-quality floral breeds and other related add-ons such as cotton buds and bunny tails wrapped in a bouquet style. Upon making your online purchase, you can choose to self-collect at 27 New Industrial Road or Blk 421 Fajar Road #0491, or have them delivered right to your doorstep! | FB: anndolfloral | IG: @anndol.floral

10) Daisies Field

Daisies Field

A specialist in preserved flowers, Daisies Field uses high-quality preserved flowers imported all the way from Japan. They come in different variations such as bouquets, glass domes and gift boxes. Daisies Field also provides customisation, where you can contact them for more info at | FB: Singapore Preserved Flowers Association | IG: @daisiesfieldsg

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