Top 10 Pottery Classes in Singapore

Top 10 Pottery Classes in Singapore

Thinking of learning something new and rewarding for a change? Why not sign up for a pottery class? It’s the kind of therapeutic activity that helps you to relax and focus on creating something worthwhile with your hands, from scratch. From learning the art of the hand-building method to using the potter’s wheel, here are the Top 10 Pottery Classes in Singapore, which could possibly be your newfound hobby.

1) Terra & Ember

Terra & Ember

At Terra & Ember, it doesn’t matter whether you are already familiar with pottery, or a beginner who doesn’t have prior experience in making pottery. Alan, the owner of the home-based studio located along Geylang Road, is more than happy to give you useful guidance. There are plenty of pottery-making workshops and courses available, depending on your respective interests. This includes a 5-week Introductory Wheel Throwing Course made suitable for beginners who want to start making pottery. You can also sign up to learn how to make mini pots in just 3 simple steps, and you even get to bring home up to 3 complimentary glazed-fired mini pots. | FB: Terra.and.Ember | IG: @terra.and.ember

2) 3Arts x Center Pottery Singapore

3Arts x Center Pottery Singapore

If there’s one thing about 3Arts x Center Pottery Singapore you can’t afford to miss here, it has to be the Dragon Kiln + Pottery Wheel Workshop. The 3.5-hour session, which takes place at their Jurong West studio in Jalan Bahar, allows the students to visit their historical Dragon Kiln. From there, you get to learn both the history and heritage of their dragon kiln. Then, a workshop will be conducted involving the art of hand-building technique and using the potter’s wheel to create your own wares such as vases and cups. At the end of the day, you get to bring home 2 pieces. Some of the other classes available include the therapeutic Mindful Pottery and Regular Classes, where the latter caters for every skill level from beginners to advanced learners. | FB: centerpottery | IG: @centerpottery

3) Urth & Phire

Urth & Phire

Founded by Alvin Leow, who is a ceramic artist himself, Urth & Phire (pronounced “earth and fire”) offers wheel pottery classes for all levels. No time to commit to regular classes due to erratic schedules? You can always go for the trial class during the weekend for only $60. The fee will cover every material, tool and you can even bring a piece of glazed-fired pottery back home. Wish to keep them all if you happen to make more than one piece? You just need to pay an additional $10 per piece to have them all glazed and fired. Some of the other benefits you will get from signing up for their classes includes personalised coaching and a flexible booking system, where you get to decide when to start at your own convenience. | FB: urthandphire | IG: @urthandphire

4) Mud Rock Ceramics

Mud Rock Ceramics

From crafting dinnerware for the French-Japanese restaurant of Le Binchotan to demonstrating the art of making candle cups at the National Gallery Singapore, Mud Rock Ceramics has earned its distinction as among the island’s most popular ceramic studios. The studio, which is managed by two ceramic artists Ng Seok Har and Michelle Lim, is no stranger to such art, given their decades-long experiences for more than 14 years. The good news is, you’ll get your chance to learn from the best at Mud Rock Ceramics. They have classes available for both beginners and advanced learners. You can also try other classes like Glaze Class to learn the basic theory and applications related to glaze and clay. Even kids can dip their hands into it with the Little Mud Rockers classes, where they get to play and learn how to make pottery using clay. | FB: mudrockceramics | IG: @mudrockceramics

5) The 8th FLOOR Creative Space

The 8th FLOOR Creative Space

Here’s Singapore’s first pottery studio of its kind that offers structural pottery courses and a progress-monitoring system for every student. In other words, the instructors at the 8th FLOOR Creative Space will keep an eye on your respective pace and progress. By doing so, they can understand better and are able to personalise your class session accordingly. Their pottery classes consist of two phases with a total of 20 lessons including learning how to master wheel-throwing both domestic and decorative objects. | FB: the8thflr | IG: @the8thflr

6) Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi

Managed by a husband-and-wife team Kenneth and Huiwen, who both share the same love for pottery, Studio Asobi offers two types of classes. Start by getting your hands wet with their comprehensive Pottery Course, covering three stages involving hand-building as well as both manual and electric wheels. Completing the whole stage will take about 4 months, where you learn necessary skills throughout the sessions. Rest assured that at the end of the day, you will master the art of making pottery and create one on your own! Alternatively, sign up for their beginners-friendly Living Clay Pottery Workshop, where they will teach you how to build with hands and coil using the manual technique. And that is not all, as you get to try out the electric potter’s wheel as well. | FB: studioasobi | IG: @studioasobi

7) Boon’s Pottery

Boon's Pottery

Boon’s Pottery comes a long way from its humble beginnings as a one-man team managed by Master Potter Chuan Siang Boon himself. That was back in 1998 before he gradually built a team of dedicated ceramic artists and instructors. Classes including hand-building and wheel-throwing are available, where you will learn how to make pottery from scratch using clay. There are four classes in total, lasting 3 hours per session. Not sure whether learning pottery is right for you? Simply join their 2-hour trial lesson for just $70, where the fees cover both clay and firing costs. | FB: | IG: @boonspottery

8) The Potters’ Guilt

The Potters' Guilt

Led by a group of passionate ceramic artists, The Potters’ Guilt offers lessons for both adults and even children aged 10-12 years old. For the former, they have a few classes you can try here, namely Pottery on the Wheel. As the name suggests, you will begin your pottery-making journey by learning how to use the wheel-throwing method. This particular class will be conducted on a weekly basis for 8 consecutive sessions at 2.5 hours each. Then, there’s the Pottery Do-It-All — a 3-hour introductory session made suitable for those who are new to ceramic art. You can try out making pottery using the hand-building technique and also get to enjoy the wheel-throwing process. If you want to keep your finished piece(s), you can choose to have any of them fired and glazed for just $10 per piece. | FB: thepottersguilt | IG: @thepottersguilt

9) Goodman Ceramic Studio

Goodman Ceramic Studio

Unleash your creativity at Goodman Ceramic Studio by learning how to craft a pottery masterpiece with the help of their highly-experienced instructors. And the best thing is, they have various classes regardless of age or skill. Among the classes you can expect from Goodman Ceramic Studio include Basic Wheel Throwing/Hand-Building and Pottery Painting. Fancy trying the oldest methods of glaze application otherwise known as dip glazing? Here, the instructors will teach you how to glaze bisque-ware and create the glaze surface for your work. | FB: Goodman-Ceramic-Studio | IG: @goodmanceramicstudio

10) Arudio Studios

Arudio Studios

Poh Sin Yong, a professional ceramist who runs the Arudio Studios, offers students the opportunity to learn the art of making pottery including mugs, bowls or small vases. You can pick their 3-hour course on wheel throwing or hand-building, each of which costs $70 per pax. Couples, in the meantime, can enjoy $10 off when they sign up for either of the courses for just $130! | FB: arudiosg | IG: @arudioceramic

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