Top 10 Places For Lok Lok in Singapore

Top 10 Places For Lok Lok in Singapore
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Lok lok may have been synonymous with Malaysian street foods but you can find them here at Singapore too. Depending on the places, the lok lok is either served in deep-fried, grilled (BBQ) or steamboat style and can be found in the likes of hawker stalls and restaurants. So, if you are craving for some of these delectable street foods, check out the Top 10 Places for Lok Lok in Singapore.

1) Joysticks Lok Lok

Joysticks Lok Lok

Be it grilled or fried, there’s something for everyone here at Joysticks Lok Lok. And yes, they have more than 30 different types covering from meat to seafood and vegetable skewers. Expect reasonable prices too at just $1 each. Some of their must-try signature skewers include Fried Mantou, Grilled Pork Belly and Nacho Cheese Mantou with Luncheon Meat.

FB: Joysticks122 | IG: @joysticks122

2) Happy Lok Lok

Happy Lok Lok

Bak kwa (Chinese pork jerky), oyster mushroom, tofu fish cake, luncheon meat, seaweed chicken — you name it, Happy Lok Lok has them all (over 50 different kinds!) at their shop in Tebing Lane. They also include fresh seafood skewers too, with tiger prawn being one of them. Not to forget their signature special sauce that makes your lok lok craving all the more appetising.

FB: Happy-Lok-Lok

3) Loklok 1991’s by Daniel and Meng

Loklok 1991’s by Daniel and Meng

Loklok 1991’s by Daniel and Meng specialises in Johor Bahru-style lok lok, offering a wide range of meat and vegetable varieties — all of which priced from $1 per skewer. Every ingredient is freshly prepared here and stored in a display warmer for the customers to choose. Once you get what you need, they would deep-fry the skewers before seasoned them each with their homemade sauce. You can then pair your lok lok with 4 different sauces such as sweet chilli and satay.

FB: loklok1991s

4) Dai Lou

Dai Lou

Fancy for some late-night cravings? Then, head on to Punggol for Dai Lou’s assorted lok lok. They have over 40 of them here, where you can pair your lok lok with 4 different dipping sauces (one of them happens to be salted egg sauce!). And whatever you do, don’t forget to try their crowd-favourite broccoli skewer. | FB: DaiLouZiChar

5) Zao Lek Lok Lok

Zao Lek Lok Lok

Serving in a buffet style, Zao Lek Lok Lok offers over 60 types covering from chicken to pork, seafood and vegetable skewers. You can have them boiled, deep-fry or grill in a BBQ style. For the former, you can even choose two types of soup bases of your choice (chicken soup, bak kut eh, laksa, mala, tom yum or satay). They have different types of dipping sauces as well to pair with your lok lok. If that’s not enough, their Lok Lok Buffet also comes with free-flow of fruits and ice cream.

FB: zaolek.kovan | IG: @zaolek.mala.loklok

6) Steamov(Shi Shang Lok) Lok Lok

Steamov(Shi Shang Lok) Lok Lok

When you think about a restaurant serving their foods on a conveyor belt, it would be sushi that often comes to mind. But in the case of Steamov(Shi Shang Lok) Lok Lok, you will find over 100 different types of skewers on a conveyor belt. Best of all, they have more than 10 soups bases to choose from, namely Tomato Pot and Mushroom & Black Chicken Pot. You can locate Steamov(Shi Shang Lok) Lok Lok at Serangoon and Outram Park.

FB: steamov

7) Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant

Here’s a place where you can savour Malacca-style satay lok lok (satay celup) with over 70 different types and 22 dipping sauces available. Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant serves their lok lok in a buffet style, where you can pick one of their 8 assorted soup bases with their signature Penang Prawn Soup happens to be a must-try! Other than enjoying lok lok in a steamboat style, you can also opt for fried and BBQ varieties.

FB: MalaysiaLocalDelights

8) Go Lok Lok

Go Lok Lok

If you happen to be at Jurong West, there’s a lok lok stall located in Meetup@494 Kopitiam operating from afternoon till late (1 am). You can have them deep-fried or boiled in a soup base served in either original or spicy mala flavour. Choices are aplenty here, with approximately 30 different types from meat to vegetable skewers. And when comes to dipping sauces, they offer three types including sweet chilli, satay and green chilli.

FB: Go-lok-lok | IG: @goloklok

9) Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok

Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok

If there’s anything unique about Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok, it has to be their signature satay bee hoon-style gravy using their decades-old family recipe. You can opt for the Yuan Yang Pot (satay & chicken soup) or go for the 3-in-1 varieties that include satay, chicken and mala soup for your lok lok.

FB: Chuan-Le-Xiang-Lok-Lok-singapore | IG: @chuanlexiang

10) Jim’s Lok Lok

Jim's Lok Lok

Located at 516 Liang Seah Street opposite Bugis Junction, Jim’s Lok Lok serves both BBQ and steamboat styles. For the latter, you can choose one of their three different soup bases including chicken, laksa or tom yum. They have over 50 different types of lok lok available and six dipping sauces such as homemade chilli, nacho cheese and mayonnaise to pair them.

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