Top 10 Places for Fish Head Curry in Singapore

Top 10 Places for Fish Head Curry in Singapore
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(Most) Singaporeans simply love curry dishes and among them has to be the fish head curry. They are normally served in a typically spicy and robust version or the spicy-sour Nyonya style, both of which come with assorted vegetables. So, if you are longing for some spicy seafood goodness, we got that all covered with a list of Top 10 Places For Fish Head Curry in Singapore.

1) Yu Cun Curry Fish Head

Yu Cun Curry Fish Head

Yu Cun’s signature Claypot Curry Fish Head is undoubtedly a crowd favourite here. The reason? Fresh fish head cooked in reasonably thick curry gravy packed with assorted vegetables like eggplant, okra and long bean. Expect moist and tender meat that absorbs the curry well. Their Claypot Curry Fish Head is generally tolerable in terms of its spice level. But you can request for a spicier version if you prefer your curry fish head spicier. | FB: YuCunCurryFishHead | IG: @yucuncurryfishhead

2) Nana’s Homemade Fish Head Curry

Nana’s Homemade Fish Head Curry

Nana’s Homemade Fish Head Curry has been around since 1989 and its longevity lies in its one-of-a-kind recipe. That recipe in question is the combination of fresh fish head and soft, yet mushy yam in the thick curry. As weird as it may seem, it is, in fact, a bestseller! It’s so good that they even won the coveted Michelin Bib Gourmand Award for five consecutive years. Their success has led them to operate four outlets in Singapore. | FB: nana.h.curry | IG: @nanahomemadecurry

3) West Co’z Cafe

West Co'z Cafe

Here’s a rare cafe that specialises in the halal version of zi char and of course, its must-try fish head curry. They use the fresh fish head cooked in the spicier-than-usual curry gravy and added with other ingredients like eggplant and beancurd puff (taupok). No doubt a fiery, gastronomic delight, particularly for those who love all things spicy. West Co’z Cafe has two outlets in Singapore. | FB: WestCoz | IG: @westcozcafe

4) 805 Seafood Kitchen

805 Seafood Kitchen

805 Seafood Kitchen offers assorted seafood dishes covering from Salted Egg Prawn to Chilli Crab, Fish Head and Steamed Red Grouper Fish in Teochew Style. Then, there’s the Fish Head Curry, which turns out to be their signature dish. They use red snapper fish head, which is known for its tender texture and absorbs well with the curry. | FB: 805SeafoodKitchen | IG: @805seafoodkitchen

5) Ocean Curry Fish Head

Ocean Curry Fish Head

If you prefer Nyonya-style fish head curry, you might want to give Ocean Fish Head Curry a try. Available in half or whole portions, they only insist on using fresh fish head while the curry isn’t just spicy but also packed with a subtle hint of sweetness and sour tang. There are three branches available in Singapore. | FB: oceancurryfishhead | IG: @oceancurry1984

6) Xin Yuan Ji

Xin Yuan Ji

Xin Yuan Ji’s speciality lies in its assorted fish dishes from fish head steamboat to fish bee hoon and fish soup. And let’s not forget the equally recommended Assam fish head curry served in a claypot. Those who can’t handle a high level of spice can rest assured their curry tastes mild and not overly spicy. Xin Yuan Ji is also blessed with a strategic location, which only takes a short walking distance from Bugis MRT Station. | FB: xinyuanjifishheadsteamboat | IG: @xinyuanji.fishheadsteamboat

7) Chye Lye Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Chye Lye Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Chye Lee’s fish head curry comes in medium and large sizes, where they serve it in spicy-sour Assam style. And like any good fish head curry, you can expect a fresh one that goes with the appetising, yet slurp-worthy curry gravy. If you plan for takeaways or dine-in, do call them in advance.

FB: Chye-Lye-Curry-Fish-Head | IG: @chyelye1a

8) Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen

Operating since 2009, Gu Ma Jia (meaning “auntie’s house” in Chinese) offers plenty of signature dishes on the menu and one of them happens to be the Assam Fish Head. A must-try for fish head lovers, she serves it in a home-cooked style from her private kitchen. Using only fresh ingredients and secret recipes, the Assam Fish Head has a distinctly spicy-sour taste, coupled with the freshness of the fish head. | IG: @gumajia

9) The Banana Leaf Apolo

The Banana Leaf Apolo

Established in 1974, The Banana Leaf Apolo serves South and North Indian cuisines and among their signature dishes include the Apolo Fish Head Curry. Available in small, medium and large sizes, the dish consists of a fresh fish head soaked in thick curry gravy. They use only authentic spices to boost the flavour of the curry while various vegetables like okra and eggplant are added for some extra bites. The Banana Leaf Apolo has a few outlets islandwide. | FB: thebananaleafapolo | IG: @thebananaleafapolo

10) The Curry Wok

The Curry Wok

The Curry Wok serves various types of seafood dishes from Chilli Prawns to Authentic Steamed Fish Head in Hong Kong Soy Style and Sambal Fried Pomfret. But if there’s one dish you can’t afford to miss, it will be their recommended Curry Fish Head. They only use market-fresh fish for their dish that goes well with the spice-laden curry gravy. Available in small and medium sizes.

FB: TheCurryWok | IG: @currywok_sg

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