Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in Singapore

Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in Singapore
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So, you are planning a weekend getaway or say, a long business trip. But you happen to have a pet dog or cat at home. This is where pet boarding services come in handy while you are away. These professionals are trained and qualified individuals with experience in taking care of pet animals while keeping them safe, happy and comfortable. Pet boarding services also offer other benefits like social interactions with the rest of the furry friends, playtime as well as monitoring their dietary needs. That being said, here are the Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in Singapore worth checking out.

1) Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Fyfy's Love Pet Services
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Karen Tan, the owner of Fyfy’s Love Pet Services, is an experienced pet sitter known for her patience and utmost care for the furkids. She understands that every dog exhibits different personalities and behaviours. In other words, she would spend time assessing the likes of your dog’s temperament, which in turn, helps her to develop a positive bond with the canine while you are away. She also values the importance of hygiene and not surprisingly, Fyfy’s Love Pet Services earned praise from many dog owners for the pet boarding facility’s cleanliness. For peace of mind, she would send daily photo and video updates to ensure your dogs are in good hands.

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2) Nekoya

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Nekoya’s speciality lies in its professional cat care and they have been doing so since 2016. Your cats will feel at home, all safe and comfortable, thanks to its cosy and peaceful environment. Nekoya is also 100% dog-free, meaning cats don’t have to feel intimidated. Professional cat caregivers are always here to engage and take good care of your feline buddies. Their boarding hotel-like facility is all clean and well-maintained, offering four types of cabins (Classic Cabin, Deluxe Cabin, Double Deluxe Cabin and Premiere Suite) to choose from. | FB: | IG:

3) Paw Favor

Paw Favor
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Leave it to the experienced team of Paw Favor to take good care of your dogs. Your furkids can expect a safe and homey environment, complete with an outdoor sheltered patio and a themed garden, allowing them to roam around happily in peace. Paw Favor is also an ideal place for your dog to socialise with other pets. And not to worry, though since they will frequently send in the photo and video updates throughout your dog’s stay at Paw Favor. | FB: PawFavorDogServices | IG:

4) Petopia

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True to its name, Petopia is like a sanctuary for all the furkids. This includes a comfortable, air-conditioned environment throughout their stay regardless of the standard or premium boarding rooms. There’s a play area for your beloved dogs to socialise with other friends and not to forget, a place to roam around within the surrounding area of the Seletar Hills Estate. Petopia also provides related dog services including styling sessions as well as spa and healing therapies. | FB: petopianworld | IG: @petopianworld

5) Mutts & Mittens

Mutts & Mittens
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Mutts & Mittens has been around since 2003, providing pet boarding services not only for dogs but cats as well. Their boarding rooms are all air-conditioned, spacious and well-maintained, ensuring your furkids’ comfort throughout their stay. The staff at Mutts & Mittens are highly trained and experienced professionals so you can rest assured your pets are well taken care of. There are daily walks for the dogs while the cats can look forward to getting some exercise and stretching their claws, thanks to the inclusion of climbing shelves and scratching posts. | FB: muttsnmittens | IG: @muttsnmittens

6) Kaizen 4 Dogs

Kaizen 4 Dogs
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Formerly Ginny and Friends, Kaizen 4 Dogs provides professional daycare and playschool for your furkids no matter if they are small, medium or large breeds. Rest assured the team at Kaizen 4 Dogs are all well-trained and qualified AVS-ACDTs (Animal & Veterinary Service-accredited certified dog trainers) individuals. Their professionalism has garnered positive responses from many dog owners who brought their pets to stay at Kaizen 4 Dogs. | IG: @kaizen4dogs

7) WheekyCavies

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Got a little pet animal like guinea pig, hamsters and rabbits to be looked after while you are away? WheekyCavies can help you with that since their facility specialises in pet boarding services for small animals. The staff are all experienced professionals who know how to deal with such pets with genuine care and attention. Apart from boarding, they also provide pet grooming services. | FB: wheekycavies | IG: @wheekycavies

8) BreakFast at Fluffy’s

BreakFast at Fluffy's
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Your furkids can enjoy the freedom of cage-less boarding in Breakfast at Fluffy’s. Coupled with a luxurious space and an air-conditioned environment, it’s the ultimate comfort zone for all dogs. They can look forward to more playtime and engaging with other pets. Breakfast at Fluffy’s is also equipped with 24/7 CCTV and offers related pet services such as grooming, consultation and a healthy menu in the form of air-dried organic kibble. | FB: BFFPetHotel | IG: @bff_pet_hotel

9) The Wagington

The Wagington
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Your pets deserve the best at The Wagington, a luxury five-star-like hotel for all dogs to enjoy their stay. The hotel has different suites available from the classy Royal Suite to the casual Junior Suite, offering handmade soft faux leather orthopaedic beds for superior comfort and support. Other highlights include the bone-shaped pool for your dogs to enjoy outdoor playtime while the W Salon & Spa offers pet grooming services from stylings to spa treatments. | FB: thewagington | IG: @thewagington

10) Wanderlodge

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Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can count on the experienced and well-trained team from Wanderlodge for their professional pet boarding services. Your furkids can roam freely around the homely, air-conditioned environment. The team will ensure your pet’s safety throughout their stay and when it comes to activities, all furry guests can look forward to daily walks and private playtime. | FB: Wanderlodgesg | IG: @thewanderlodge

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!