Top 10 Pet Bakeries in Singapore

Top 10 Pet Bakeries in Singapore
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Every good boy or girl (we’re talking about your pets here) deserves a good treat, particularly on their birth barkday or any special day. So, whether you are looking for a meatloaf cake, pupcake or jerky treat, we have rounded up the Top 10 Pet Bakeries in Singapore for your furkid to enjoy!

1) Superdog Kitchen

Superdog Kitchen

Superdog Kitchen is no stranger to baking doggie cakes and tarts, with the latter commonly their most sought-after items among many pet owners. The tarts are all freshly-baked upon order with carefully-selected human-grade ingredients. And rest assured that all Superdog Kitchen’s baked goods contain no artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives whatsoever.

FB: superdogkitchen | IG: @superdogkitchenofficial

2) Joey’s Kitchen with MMBB

Joey's Kitchen with MMBB

Operating since 2013, Joey’s Kitchen with MMBB uses only 100% human-grade ingredients for their homemade dog cakes and desserts. They have both sweet and savoury varieties such as Mini Durian Tart, Meat Tart, Doggy Cake and even Nasi Lemak Cake. Pups can also look forward to delectable dog treats like Bak Kwa, which is strictly handmade using only minced meat (pork & chicken/beef) and honey.

FB: Joey’s Kitchen with MMBB | IG: @joeykitchenmmbb

3) Isa Pets & Bakes

Isa Pets & Bakes

Isa Pets & Bakes’ range of baked goods is all made from scratch with only premium quality ingredients and 100% natural colourings. They have different varieties like Mini Quiches (Crust/Crustless), Roast Duck Tart and assorted cookies ranging from Hearty Flaxseed and Parsley Cookie to Purely Pumpkin Crackers. And if you are looking to celebrate your beloved dog’s upcoming birthday, Isa Pets & Bakes has plenty of scrumptious cakes as well. | FB: isapetsandbakes | IG: @isapetsandbakes

4) CoBam


CoBam’s main speciality lies in their bespoke dog cakes, which are all made using only all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. CoBam even has its own in-house cake artist to customise whatever theme or design you are looking for. Alternatively, you can simply pick one of their existing cake designs available on their website or contact them for a free cake consultation. | FB: cobamsg | IG: @cobamsg

5) The Barkery Singapore

The Barkery Singapore

At The Barkery, you can be sure that all their baked goods are made fresh upon order with only all-natural ingredients and contain no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. Some of their items available include Barkday Bone Cake, muffin-sized meatloaf Pupcakes and Barkery Pies (with a choice of minced beef, chicken or mutton). And if you are looking for something special, do check out their colourful novelty cakes such as Donut Cake, The Burger Cake and Unicorn Cake. | FB: sgbarkery | IG: @sgbarkery

6) The Snoring Dog Gourmet

The Snoring Dog Gourmet

True to their name, this dog bakery specialises in both gourmet cakes and foods. They only use premium human-grade ingredients for their cake selections (e.g. 100% Australian lean beef or pork). Check out their website to find out more about The Snoring Dog Gourmet’s range of cakes or call 8100 8165 if you have any related enquiries. | FB: thesnoringdoggourmet | IG: @thesnoringdoggourmet

7) Wholesome Paws

Wholesome Paws

It’s wholesome, indeed as all of their cakes consist of 100% whole meat and human-grade, dog-friendly ingredients. Wholesome Paws also ensures that your dog gets all the essential nutrients by adding chia seed and organic flaxseed meals into their cake selections. Rest assured that their cakes contain none of the hard-to-digest oats or flour. | FB: wholesomepaws | IG: @wholesomepaws

8) Pawlicious Pet Bakery

Pawlicious Pet Bakery

Pawlicious Pet Bakery’s range of meatloaf cakes is all made using 100% whole meat and vegetables. They even ensure that their recipes contain no trace of wheat, grain and other harmful ingredients like artificial colourings and flavourings. Sponge base is also available as an alternative. You can choose to customise your own dog cake or simply drop them an email at, where they can help to offer a few suggestions. | FB: pawliciouspetbakery | IG: @pawliciousbakery

9) BossiPaws


Located at 110 Turf Club Road, the Ah B Cafe-extended BossiPaws specialises in both ready-made and customised cakes. For the latter, you can opt for different cake designs shaped like a burger or unicorn with optional meat or sponge base. To ensure freshness, cakes are strictly made upon order and keep in mind that advanced order is also required. | FB: bossipaws | IG: @bossipaws

10) Knibbles Singapore

Knibbles Singapore

Knibbles may provide pupcakes and assorted dog cakes but they are primarily known for their jerky treats. All of their products (e.g. chicken, pork & beef) contain only 100% whole meat with no added salt, sugar, dyes or preservatives. Knibbles even go as far as to ensure their dog treats are made fresh upon order and even undergo pathogen-free, ozone-cleansing & air-drying processes. | FB: knibblessingapore | IG: @knibbles_sg

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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