Top 10 Organic Grocery Stores in Singapore 2021

Top 10 Organic Grocery Stores in Singapore 2021
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There are some benefits that you can get from eating organic food and among them has to be fewer pesticides compared to the conventional varieties. This is especially true when it comes to fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. So, if you are looking for a recommended place, check out our 2021 edition of Top 10 Organic Grocery Stores in Singapore.

1) ShiokFarm


Here is where you can get your supply of organic fruits and vegetables… minus the high price tag! All this is made possible, thanks to Claire Chabrieres, who founded ShiokFarm. They source their products from certified organic farms both locally and in nearby countries, particularly in Malaysia and Thailand. ShiokFarm updates its stock every Thursday, where you can join their WhatsApp distribution list. From here, you can select your preferred subscription consisting of a weekly bag of organic fruits and vegetables ranging from 3 kg to 7 kg. There are also two options available including the Flexible plan or the “Support our Farmers” plan. Finally, you can have them delivered right to your doorsteps for a small fee or choose to collect them from one of these designated collection points. | FB: shiokfarm | IG: @shiokfarm_organic_goodness

2) Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery

At Ryan’s Grocery, not only can you find a wide range of organic products, but you can also get other essential goods, namely ready-to-eat healthy meals and wholesome snacks. They also supply free-range eggs and meats such as pork and chicken. Ryan’s Grocery also takes pride in sourcing its products ethically and sustainably from certified organic and free-range farms. | FB: Ryansgrocery | IG: @ryansgrocery_sg

3) eat ORGANIC


eat ORGANIC has been in the organic retailing business for the past 20 years. They sell varieties of fresh organic products such as fruits and vegetables — all of which are locally and internationally sourced from the likes of Thailand, Australia and the USA. You can also find various organic and gluten-free grocery items like muesli, almond milk and energy bars. | FB: EatOrganicSG | IG: @eatorganic

4) Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Zenxin Organic specialises mainly in organic fruits and vegetables but they also offer other products ranging from eggs to beverages, grains and cooking essentials. If you prefer to purchase some of the items in bulk, consider getting their Organic Box varieties. Priced from $30 and above, they have three choices including Oriental, Western or Fruit Box. The box content varies on a weekly basis, depending on the season and availability. | FB: ZenxinOrganicFoodSingapore | IG: @zenxin_organicsg

5) Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory

For all things organic and other grocery items for the health-conscious, Nature’s Glory covers plenty of choices here. This includes everything from organic fresh groceries to dry goods (e.g. almond powder, whole grain pasta), health supplements and grains. For peace of mind, all of their organic products are 100% organic guarantee. | FB: NaturesGlorySG | IG: @naturesglorysg

6) OpenTaste


Why pay more when you can purchase your organic products at a wholesale price? Operating its store online, you can buy them in bulk regardless of fresh produce or grocery items. For example, you can save 45% by purchasing 3 punnets of imported organic blueberries. OpenTaste also offers other products like meat & seafood, baked goods, snacks and beverages. | FB: OPENTASTEcom | IG:

7) The Frank Food Company

The Frank Food Company

True to its name, what you get from The Frank Food Company is organic goodness of fruits and vegetables sourced from its own farm in Central Java Indonesia. This includes the likes of beetroot leaves, butternut pumpkins, mangosteens and sweet potatoes. They also commit to a no-plastic philosophy by using recyclable cardboard boxes and compostable paper for its Organic Veggie Box. You can select S (4 kg) or R (6 kg) size and have them delivered to your doorsteps within 24 hours. | FB: frankfoodcompany | IG: @frankfoodcompany

8) KBL Organic & Vegetarian Supermarket

KBL Organic & Vegetarian Supermarket

This old-school KBL supermarket specialises in both organic and vegetarian food. For the former, they have essential organic items like fruits and vegetables as well as other goods, namely apple ciders, noodles and beverages. Drop by their store to check out what other goodies they provide!

FB: KBLOrganicNVegetarianSupermarket | IG: @kbl_organic_vegetarian

9) SuperNature


SuperNature covers both brick-and-mortar and online stores, with the former’s flagship strategically located on Orchard Road. Spanning approximately 3,000 square feet, the flagship outlet houses a wide range of organic fresh produce and special dietary items such as egg-free and gluten-free products. Alternatively, you can opt for their farm boxes consisting of seasonal and selected organic fruits & veggies and have them delivered to your doorsteps on a weekly basis. | FB: supernatureorganic | IG: @supernatureorganic

10) Straits Market

Straits Market

Operating as an online grocer, Straits Market stays true to its farm-to-table philosophy. In other words, you will have the likes of meats and vegetables all freshly harvested and delivered right to your doorsteps within 24 hours. Apart from fresh food, you can also find other grocery items like organic seeds, almond milk and red wines. | FB: straitsmarket | IG: @straitsmarketsingapore

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