Top 10 Nyonya Kueh Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Nyonya Kueh Shops in Singapore
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For all the trendy food delights that come and go every single year, the good old Nyonya kuehs are still in favour across all generations. Besides, they are among the all-time favourite snacks best enjoyed during breakfast or tea time. That being said, here are the Top 10 Nyonya Kueh Shops in Singapore.

1) HarriAnn’s Nonya Table

HarriAnn’s Nonya Table

HarriAnns Nonya Table is no stranger to making Nyonya kuehs, given their 80 years of history since the 1940s. There’s something for everyone here, with freshly-made assorted kuehs sold in takeaway platters. Expect colourful varieties like Rainbow Lapis, Kueh Salat, Kueh Talam, Ondeh Gula Melaka and Pink Fairy. The latter is actually a delectable combination of adzuki beans with a coconut cream base. | FB: Harrianns | IG: @harrianns

2) Kueh Ho Jiak

Kueh Ho Jiak

Family-run Kueh Ho Jiak has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small makeshift food cart. Things have changed since then, with Kueh Ho Jiak being recognised as a heritage hawker by UNESCO. Their kuehs are made fresh using the best ingredients available with no added preservatives or artificial colourings. You’ll be spoilt for choices here, with Kueh Ho Jiak offering everything from sweet to savoury delicacies like Pandan Kueh Salat and Gula Melaka Kueh Kosui to Png Kueh (Rice Kueh) and Rempah Udang (glutinous rice wrapped with hae bee hiam – spicy dried shrimp sambal).

FB: kuehhojiak.handmade | IG: @kueh_ho_jiak

3) Poh Cheu Soon Kueh

Poh Cheu Soon Kueh

Stretching over three generations since 1985, Poh Cheu is a family-run business managed by a couple (Neo Poh Cheu and Lim Kim Noi). They specialise in Ang Ku and Soon kuehs, all of which are freshly made on a daily basis. For the Ang Ku Kuehs alone, they offer more than just your average green bean varieties. You can also find other assorted fillings like peanut, red bean, black sesame and coconut. They even include unique Ang Ku fillings such as coffee, durian and pineapple. | FB: pohcheukitchen | IG: @pohcheukitchen

4) The Ang Ku Kueh Hut

The Ang Ku Kueh Hut

The name of their shop says it all, offering assorted Ang Ku Kuehs made in a traditional way. Soft and chewy to the bite with just enough filling, they have four flavours in total. This includes the good old green bean as well as red bean, yam and peanut. Their Ang Ku Kuehs are available in a box of 5 or 10 pieces. They also offer Traditional Platter and Traditional Full Month Box for special occasions like birthday parties, baby showers and corporate events. | FB: theangkukuehhut | IG: @theakkhut

5) Ji Xiang Confectionery

Ji Xiang Confectionery

Ji Xiang Confectionery started off as a small business operating from the kitchen of a HDB flat. In the beginning, they only sold two flavours including sweet bean and peanut fillings. It wasn’t until the year 1988 where they finally opened their own shop in Everton Park specialising in all kinds of traditional Ang Ku Kuehs. Today, you can find more flavours like corn and yam. Apart from Ang Ku Kuehs, they also make other Chinese pastries such as Money Kueh, Ang Ee and Sesame Balls. | FB: JiXiangConfectionery.AngKuKueh| IG: @jixiangconfectionery

6) Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Kim Choo Kueh Chang may be primarily known for its signature rice dumplings. But they also sell various Nyonya kuehs as well, covering delicious varieties like Kueh Salat, Kueh Lapis and Ang Ku kuehs. You can locate Kim Choo Kueh Chang at Joo Chiat Place, East Coast Road and Tampines Central. | FB: kimchookuehchang | IG: @kimchookuehchang

7) Makko Teck Neo

Makko Teck Neo

Be it sweet or savoury, Makko Teck Neo’s range of Nyonya kuehs are all handmade in the shop kitchen itself on a daily basis. Using only the freshest and premium ingredients available, expect all kinds of varieties like Ang Ku Kueh, Getuk Ubi, Kueh Bengka and Kueh Dadar. You can also find two versions of Kueh Salat including the traditional pandan flavour and the more contemporary pumpkin custard. Those who prefer the savoury kinds can look forward to the likes of Rempah Udang, Bak Kueh and Nyonya Yam Cake. | FB: MakkoTeckNeo | IG: @makkoteckneo

8) Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery started out as a home-based operation making and selling kuehs from their kitchen. They eventually expanded their business to a shop location in Bedok North Street 4 and has become a mainstay ever since. In keeping the tradition, all of their Nyonya kuehs are fresh and handmade. Choices are aplenty here, ranging from Ang Ku kuehs to Kotoh Ubi and Kueh Kao Swee. | FB: LekLimNonyaCake | IG: @leklimnonyacake

9) Xiang Xiang Nonya Kueh

Xiang Xiang Nonya Kueh

Located in Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Xiang Xiang Nonya Kueh offers a diverse range of sweet and savoury kuehs. Some of their must-try varieties including the Rainbow Kueh, Soon Kueh and Glutinous Rice. Not to mention their prices are affordable as well, making them a favourite among many satisfied local customers.

FB: xiangxiangnonyakueh

10) Annie Kitchen SG

Annie Kitchen SG

Operated by the fifth-generation Chinese Peranakan baker, Annie Kitchen SG’s main speciality lies in their homemade Nyonya kuehs. Some of her signature kuehs include Kueh Puteri Ayu, a mini steamed cupcake consisting of natural Pandan flavour topped with grated coconut flakes and gula Melaka. Also, look out for the Tapioca Sago Kuih and the traditional Kuih Kosui, where the latter comes in either pandan or gula Melaka flavours.

FB: annie.kitchensg | IG: @annie.kitchensg

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