Top 10 Muslimah Fashion Brands in Singapore 2021

Top 10 Muslimah Fashion Brands in Singapore 2021
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Whether for work, casual or special occasions like Hari Raya, the demand for modest wear has been on the rise over the past few years. Be it traditional or contemporary, here’s the 2021 edition of the Top 10 Muslimah Fashion Brands in Singapore!



Look both modest and stylish without paying a hefty price tag, thanks to HAYA’s affordable hijabs and clothing range. They carry their own namesake label as well as other brands ranging from Alhumaira to Malady Couture, Nyleascarf and Tasya Nabilah. Choices are aplenty here, with new arrivals regularly updated from time to time. | FB: hayasgcom | IG: @hayasgcom

2) Maqayla


Maqayla offers a wide variety of elegantly designed modest wear, covering everything from shawls to prayer wear and accessories like inners and socks. For their apparel range, you can find choices like baju kurung, kebaya and ruffle dresses — all of which come in different colours and patterns. | FB: maqaylaboutique | IG: @maqayla

3) Happy Vibes Official

Happy Vibes Official

Here’s an online shop specialising in Muslimah clothing worthy to be happy about. Not only does Happy Vibes stock varieties of blouses, dresses and shawls suitable for everyday wear, but also they come at affordable prices. Also, do check out their value-for-money “Mix and Match” collection, where you will get two pieces for the price of one. | FB: happyvibesofficial | IG: @happyvibesofficial

4) Sufyaa


Targeted for modern Muslimahs, Sufyaa has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an online business selling products on a Facebook page. That was back in 2011 and from there, their modest fashion label subsequently made headlines for representing Singapore at Muslimah Fashion Week in 2015 including London, Jakarta and KL. Here, you can shop for the likes of hijabs and full inners. And if that’s not enough, they even offer bespoke clothing for men, women and children up to 12 years old. | FB: sufyaasg | IG: @sufyaasg

5) Ayu Apparels

Ayu Apparels

From shawls to blouses, dresses and skirts, Ayu Apparels has them all for Muslimahs made suitable for everyday wear. They also happen to be the largest Muslimah online store in Singapore, where their collections are regularly updated to keep up with today’s trends. Their prices, in the meantime, are affordable, making them a go-to online store to purchase Muslimah clothing. | FB: ayuapparels | IG: @ayuapparels

6) Natalie La Bella

Natalie La Bella

Founded in 2012, the online-based Natalie La Bella specialises in contemporary modest wear for men, women and children. Some of their bestselling items include basic pencil skirts, slim-fit kurtas, pleated dresses and long lace kebaya. Do check out their website and social media pages from time to time for updates on new arrivals. | FB: natalielabellasg | IG: @natalielabella

7) Adlina Anis

Adlina Anis

Looking for hijabs? Then, you might want to check out Adlina Anis, which specialises in all kinds of styles and designs ranging from basics to instant shawls, snoods as well as onesies and tri scarves. Other than hijabs, she also sells modest wear like blouses, tops, pants and dresses. Find out more about her collection by visiting her online store and don’t forget to follow her social media pages for updates on new arrivals. | FB: adlinaanis | IG: @adlinaanisofficial

8) Hafizah Ghazali

Hafizah Ghazali

For Hafizah Ghazali, their modest womenswear label focuses primarily on slow fashion, where every piece is made with sustainability in mind. Their collection regardless of blouses, dresses and pants are all thoughtfully designed that has a timeless quality, making them suitable to wear all year round. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on Hafizah Ghazali’s latest collections. | FB: HafizahGhazalii | IG: @hafizah.ghazali

9) Bewa Fashion

Bewa Fashion

Bewa has a long history in the Muslimah fashion scene, going way back to 1993. They stock ready-made dresses like jubahs, baju kurungs, dresses and pantsuits with various designs that are either timeless or trendy. But if you can’t find what you are looking for, Bewa also offers made-to-measure services for both men and women, given their initial expertise in the tailoring business. | FB: BewaSG | IG: @bewafashion

10) Adrianna Yariqa

Adrianna Yariqa

Adrianna Yariqa knows a thing or two about offering Muslimah clothing that is timeless, elegant and versatile. No matter you are looking for the likes of blouses, dresses or shawls for everyday wear or special occasions, there is something for everyone here at Adrianna Yariqa. Browse through her online catalogue via Adrianna Yariqa’s online store to find out more or follow her social media pages for updates on what’s available. | FB: adriannayariqa | IG: @adriannayariqa

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