Top 10 Moving Companies in Singapore

Top 10 Moving Companies in Singapore
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Whether it’s a home or an office, moving items from one place to another can be a real hassle for most individuals. As it can be exhausting and frustrating at the same time, it’s a good idea to hire a professional mover to do the job instead. Let these Top 10 Moving Companies in Singapore take care of your troubles!

1) Prestige


Prestige provides a comprehensive range of relocation and moving services for both commercial and residential clients. They also specialise in overseas moving service and event shifting, where you can engage their services to transport all the equipment from one place to another regardless of personal or business events. Need an extra pair of hands to carry out some cleaning tasks? You can count on Prestige as well, in which they offer both pre- and post-cleaning services. For more info, do not hesitate to give them a call at +65 8742 3253 or send an email to

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2) Vimbox Movers Singapore

Vimbox Movers Singapore

Founded in 2012 by Wayne Lee and Hakim Zaini, this award-winning moving company basically covers every aspect of relocation for both home and office. They even provide international moving service to over 400 global locations if you happen to relocate to a different country. Whichever you end up choosing, rest assured you will get quality services at a competitive price range. For more info about their services, you can either call +65 6339 4439 or email to | FB: vimboxmovers | IG: @vimboxmovers_sg

3) Shalom Movers

Shalom Movers

Shalom Movers is no stranger to moving business, given the fact they have been in the industry since 1982. They offer essential services including residential, commercial and international moving. Other related services include storage & disposal and vehicle-for-hire on an hourly basis. Visit their website to request for a quotation or give them a call at +65 6287 6117 if you have any general enquiries about their services. | FB: worldbestmovers | IG: @shalom_movers

4) Safe2Move Moving Services

Safe2Move Moving Services

Since its inception in 1998, Safe2Move has successfully fulfilled over 500 moving and relocation projects for both residential and commercial clients. They even previously worked with high-profile clients such as Hotel Shangri-La Orchard, Novotel Singapore on Stevens and Horizon Singapore Terminal Pte Ltd. So, regardless of relocating small or large items, you can count on them to have yours moved safely in time. Call +65 8169 1444 to request for a non-obligatory quotation or if you need any assistance regarding their services. Best of all, their customer support is on standby at 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about reaching out to them at any hour. | FB: S2MService | IG: @safe2movemovingservices

5) The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand

If you are looking for a moving service that comes with an affordable price, you might want to consider The Helping Hand. They are known to be fast and efficient, which has earned them a few praises in the past. Looking for new furniture for your home? They even offer a huge variety of imported handmade teak wood furniture such as cabinets, beds and book racks. For more info, you can simply reach out by calling +65 6283 2204 or send your email to |  | FB: thehelphand

6) Yong Shen Best House

Yong Shen Best House

Whether you are looking for professional assistance to help with your move to a new home or office, you can bet on Yong Shen to fulfil the task. Their price range is known to be reasonable while their prompt and courteous service has constantly earned a few praises from many satisfied clients. Apart from moving service, Yong Shen also provides both long- and short-term storage facilities for both residential and office move. For more info, you can call their hotline numbers at 9129 5501 or 9101 0268. | FB: yongshenmover | IG: @yong_shen_mover

7) KNT Movers in Singapore & House Mover

KNT Movers in Singapore & House Mover

Previously known as Swift United Logistics, KNT Movers specialises in both residential and office moving services. Best of all, you can expect high-quality services without paying an exorbitant price for it. Other services provided at KNT Movers includes international moving, storage & disposal, large items removal and furniture dismantling. To find out more about their list of services or requesting for a non-obligatory quotation, do not hesitate to call their hotline numbers at +65 6747 6636. | FB: kntmovers

8) Elite Movers Singapore

Elite Movers Singapore

Elite Movers has a long list of experience in both moving and relocation of different premises such as homes, offices, commercial buildings and factories. There are basically three types of moving services you can choose according to your respective needs. This includes “Normal Relocation”, where the likes of boxes and masking tapes will be provided on loan for free. The other two are “Pack and Move” and “Pack, Move, Unpack” — the latter which is particularly useful if you want the movers to handle everything from packing to unpacking every content in the boxes. For more info, call +65 6242 4886 or send your email to | FB: Elite Movers Singapore

9) Red Sun Movers Pte Ltd

Red Sun Movers Pte Ltd

At Red Sun Movers Pte Ltd, expect reliability, prompt and value-added services that made moving and relocation as smooth as possible. Every mover is professionally-trained, giving you peace of mind your items regardless of small-scale or large-scale are in the good hands. Other than moving services, they also provide server racks & IT infrastructure services as well as truck rentals and long-/short-term storage & disposal. Call +65 6366 1548 if you have any questions about their services or send your email to | FB: redsunmovers

10) Movers_101


Movers_101 has already been in the moving business for the past 14 years, providing professional services like house & commercial relocation as well as disposal services and long-/short-term storage facilities. Expect reasonable prices with no hidden cost and GST charges while recycled boxes will be provided for free. Call +65 8777 7101 for a non-obligatory quotation or send your email to if you have any related question about their list of services. | FB: Movers101.Singapore

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