Top 10 Maid Agencies in Singapore

Top 10 Maid Agencies in Singapore
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Hiring a maid can help ease your burden in managing the household from keeping the home clean to taking care of your elderly parents/children and even cooking dishes. But where can you find the best and reliable maids? Here are the Top 10 Maid Agencies in Singapore that you might want to check out!

1) JL Recruitment Pte Ltd

JL Recruitment Pte Ltd

With industry experience stretching over a decade, JL Recruitment Pte Ltd is no stranger to offering professional maid services for local households. Every maid regardless of different nationalities from the Phillippines, Indonesia or Myanmar are all well-trained in aged & child care as well as cleaning and cooking dishes. Other than providing the choice of new or transfer maids, you can also select different preferences like nationality, age, working experience and responsibilities right here. | FB: jlrecruitmentpl

2) JForce Employment Service

JForce Employment Service

Having trouble finding the right maid? This is where JForce Employment Service comes in, a reputable maid agency committed to providing only the best and highly-dependable domestic helpers for your respective household needs. They have a team of professional consultants ready to offer assistance whenever you have questions about maid services. Not to mention JForce Employment Service has decade-long experience and strong testimonials from numerous satisfied clients. | FB: JForceEmploymentServices | IG: @jforce_employment_service

3) Maid Avenue

Maid Avenue

Employing a maid can be an added financial burden for some households. But thanks to Maid Avenue, you no longer have to worry about all that since they come with affordably-priced packages based on your budget. Prices are all transparent with no hidden charges, fees and costs whatsoever. Check out their website below for more info or feel free to reach out to their manager-in-charge, Yvette at 8499 3349. | FB:

4) Best Housekeeper

Best Housekeeper

Here’s a trusted maid agency in Singapore that knows a thing or two about providing not only the best but also the right maid for your respective household needs. Prior to deploying their maid to a designated household, every domestic helper at Best Housekeeper will undergo a thorough procedure from screening to reference checks and conducting interviews with the potential employer. Best Housekeeper also operates based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Manpower, meaning you can be sure of the authenticity and legality of employing a maid. | FB: besthousekeeper

5) Magnum MAIDS Agency

Magnum MAIDS Agency

Magnum Maid Agency’s decade-long experience in five countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines speak volumes about their competency in maid-hiring services. They screen their maids through an extensive background check and other related qualifications to ensure the selected one fulfils the client’s respective requirements. Magnum Maid Agency also provides other maid-related services like renewal work pit, medical check-up arrangement and 24-month counselling. | FB: magnummaid | IG: @magnummaidsagency

6) Island Maids

Island Maids

The award-winning Island Maids’ unique selling point lies on their very own in-house training school. Which means every maid will be personally interviewed and thoroughly evaluated by their dedicated team themselves prior to delegating the right one to the client. Their maid-related services are diverse, covering everything from sourcing maids both locally and abroad to air ticket reservation, applying/renewing work permits and elder care course. | FB: islandmaids | IG: @islandmaids

7) Westrama


Established in 1980, Westrama has a wealth of experience when it comes to deploying foreign domestic workers for the local households in Singapore. They source them from India, where maids are all experienced and well-trained in handling household services. Other than providing direct hiring of Indian maids, their services also include the likes of application/renewal work permits, booking & purchasing air tickets and home leave processing. | FB: WestramaGroup

8) Jayamaids Maid Employment Agency

Jayamaids Maid Employment Agency

At Jayamaids, they believe that deploying a qualified maid is a viable solution. In fact, they understand that every household is different, including culture and mindset. Which is why you can have peace of mind since Jayamaids only delegate the right maid that proves to be a good match between the employer and employee. All of their maids are mostly recruited from Indonesia since Jayamaids happen to be the largest supplier of the aforementioned country. | FB: JayamaidsMaidAgency

9) Homekeeper


Serving over 80,000 families since their establishment in 1998, every maid at Homekeeper has undergone comprehensive screening and training processes. This is to ensure the client will get only the best and suitable maid for their respective needs. Apart from the recruitment of maids, they also offer maid insurance and employment paperwork such as work permit application, medical check-ups and passport renewal. | FB: homekeepermaidagency | IG: @homekeepersingapore

10) 121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd

121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd

121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd doesn’t just deploy a maid but rather utilises a more effective 121 Match-Point System. It basically works by providing the best and qualified match between the employer and the maid based on different criteria such as skill sets, years of experience and personality. Other services you can find from 121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd include work permit & passport renewal, recruiting new helper from overseas and appealing to the Ministry of Manpower in the event of a rejected application. | FB: 121personnelservices

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