Top 10 Kombucha in Singapore

Top 10 Kombucha in Singapore
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Kombucha has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to loads of health benefits that you can get from it. Not only does it help to promote digestive health, but it also boosts your energy levels, helps with weight loss, and even possibly prevents cancer. So, if you are looking for quality fermented tea beverages, check out these Top 10 Kombucha in Singapore.

1) Kombucha Works

Kombucha Works

The brainchild of Katherine Sng, Kombucha Works is where she shares her love for kombucha for others to enjoy this health-boosting beverage. Among her popular Kombucha Works flavours include the Asian-inspired Pandan & Lemongrass and the refreshing Vitamin C-packed Lemon & Cucumber. Those who are thinking about brewing their own kombucha at home can get the DIY Kombucha Brewing Kit, offering essential items like a brewing glass jar, a teabag and of course, step-by-step brewing instructions. | FB: kombuchaWorks | IG:

2) Fizzicle


Fizzicle’s range of kombucha features plenty of interesting flavours, namely their Hong Kong-inspired Salted Lemonade made with natural ingredients such as fresh lemons and salt. Then, there’s Midnight Cacao–a low-calorie cold chocolate drink brewed with cacao, rooibos, chicory root and vanilla. You can choose to buy a single 270ml bottle or opt for 4- or 12-packs. If you pick the latter, you just have to pay for 11 bottles and get the 12th one for free! | FB: fizzicle | IG: @fizzicle

3) Aboocha SG

Aboocha SG

Let’s gut healthy with Aboocha, which is actually a name derived from the combination of the Hokkien dialect “a-boo” (meaning “mother”) and kombucha. The name has a significant meaning too since kombucha comes from the mother culture of bacteria and yeast. Here, Aboocha is committed to its brewing process using mostly locally-produced and natural ingredients, which means there are no artificial flavours or colours whatsoever. They even brew them in small batches to ensure consistent quality at all times. Some of their available flavours include Apple Ginger, Passionfruit Mint and Pineapple Mango. | FB: Aboochasg | IG:

4) Wild Boocha Kombucha

Enjoy the health benefits of Wild Boocha’s handcrafted range of kombucha, complete with B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Quality matters for Wild Boocha and this is why they only brew them in small batches. Not to mention they only use the freshest ingredients possible for their kombucha. When it comes to flavour options, they have Strawberry Mint, Raspberry Passionfruit and Yuzu Lavender, just to name a few. | FB: wildboocha | IG: @wildboocha

5) ForrestBrew Kombucha

ForrestBrew Kombucha

ForrestBrew’s founders Claryce and Clara emphasises the importance of maintaining consistent quality when comes to brewing their kombucha. That includes everything from sourcing the best fruits and ingredients to controlling the right temperature, right down to the bottling process. Among their available flavours include their original #1 Kombucha made from pure filtered water, live kombucha cultures, raw cane sugar as well as premium green & black teas. What’s more, ForrestBrew’s kombucha contains no added nasties like artificial colourings and preservatives. | FB: | IG:

6) Hey Folksy Co

Hey Folksy Co

At Hey Folksy Co, all of their kombuchas are brew-to-order and in small batches too. Their four primary flavours include Wolfberry Sourplum, Lemongrass Ginger, Orange and Apple Hibiscus. Hey Folksy Co’s kombucha drinks are affordably priced for as low as $9.90+ per bottle and best of all, they only use natural ingredients for all their brews. | FB: Hey.FolksyCo | IG: @hey.folksyco

7) Craft & Culture – Kombucha, Kefir & Probiotics Singapore

Craft & Culture - Kombucha, Kefir & Probiotics Singapore

Zhiwei and Winnie, who founded Craft & Culture, do not skimp on quality when brewing their kombucha. They only brew their kombuchas in small batches using an extremely slow-fermenting process of up to 1-3 months for better flavours. Choices are aplenty here, covering from Original Black Tea to other delicious flavours like Peach Black Tea, Lychee Black Tea and the seasonal White Peach Oolong Green Tea. Not sure which flavours to try? You might want to go for their Sampler Pack of 5 Black Tea Kombuchas, where they offer 4 of their bestselling kombucha flavours and a seasonal flavour of your choice. | FB: craftculturesg | IG: @craftculturesg

8) Kombuchua


Home-based Kombuchua offers healthy yet great-tasting kombuchas at a reasonable price. Using only the freshest ingredients possible, they have a few flavours available such as Ginger Lemon Honey, Mango Tango and Lychee Rose. You can choose from a range of 250ml, 500ml or 1L glass bottles. Kombuchua’s kombucha drinks are best enjoyed either chilled or with some ice cubes. | FB: kombuchua | IG: @kombuchua

9) Kombynation Co.

Kombynation Co.

Kombynation uses only real fruits for their fruit-based kombuchas, namely Berried Peaches (mixed berries & peaches), Grinty Rosemelon (grapefruit & watermelon) and Chiananas (pineapple & organic chia seeds). All of their kombuchas are brewed using organic tea with no added sugar, artificial flavouring or preservatives whatsoever. Just honest-to-goodness kombuchas that contain full-bodied taste while benefiting from their immune-boosting properties. | FB: KombynationCo | IG: @kombynationco

10) Tea Pulse

Tea Pulse

Tea Pulse offers ready-to-drink kombuchas in a convenient 250ml bottle and they have various flavours to choose from. Depending on your choice, their flavours come in either non-milk or with milk versions such as Yuzu, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Mulberry and Apple Shake. Each drink contains 25% less sugar, making them ideal for those who prefer their kombuchas with reduced sweetness. | FB: teapulse | IG: @teapulse

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