Top 10 Froyos in Singapore

Top 10 Froyos in Singapore
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Frozen yogurt, better known as froyo, has been long touted as the healthier alternative to regular ice cream. A cup of froyo typically comes with a yogurt base and toppings of your choice, which adds more texture and taste. Here are the recommended Top 10 Froyos in Singapore for you to cool off with – health-consciously!

1) Frozilicious


Family-run Frozilicious has been around since 2013, offering tasty yet guilt-free frozen yogurt. That means weight watchers can enjoy it wholeheartedly since their yogurt base is gluten-free and 98% fat-free. There are a few exciting flavours to choose from such as Tangy Green Apple, Jazzy Passion Fruit, Royal Grape and Mango Tango. Best of all, their frozen yogurt are freshly-prepared on a daily basis! | FB: frozilicious | IG: @frozilicious

2) Yo-Froz


Formerly known as Contento Krim, Yo-Froz specialises in 100% halal-certified frozen yogurt and smoothies. For the former, they have a number of flavours, namely their best-selling Blue Bubblegum Blast !If you prefer the original, you can always go for the Natural Flavour. They currently operate at two locations including Millage Shopping Mall on Changi Road and 2 Rumah Makan Santai in Jalan Masjid. Apart from serving walk-in customers, Yo-Froz also offers pre-packs for delivery and events. | FB: yofrxz | IG: @yofrxz

3) Yoguru


At Yoguru, every frozen yogurt is made fresh every day using the finest ingredients available. And by fresh, they do not use pre-made or powdered yogurt mixes of any kind. Not to mention they come fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and live active culture. They have over 10 fat-free yogurt bases divided into ice cream and dairy-free flavours, with the former including the likes of Pistachio, Cherry Cheesecake and Vanilla Strawberry. Those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy the latter such as Raspberry Sorbet and Salted Caramel Soy. Click here to find out their list of outlets throughout Singapore. | FB: yoguru | IG: @yoguru_sg

4) llaollao Singapore

llaollao Singapore

The Spanish brand Ilaollao needs no introduction, given its global brand recognition at over 220 outlets worldwide. One of Ilaollao’s main selling points is their diverse range of add-ons you can choose to pair with your natural yogurt base. This includes assorted cut seasonal fruits (e.g. kiwi, watermelon and strawberries), sauces (e.g. chocolate, dulce de leche and mango) and crunchy toppings (e.g. crispies, muesli and cereals). | FB: llaollaoSingapore | IG: @llaollao_sg

5) Yolé


Yole offers the best of both worlds: a full-flavoured frozen yogurt with lower calories and no sugar added whatsoever. Instead, Yole insists only natural sweeteners are used to balance the natural tanginess and sweetness of their frozen yogurt base. You’ll be spoilt for choices when comes to their various toppings, offering everything from cut fruits to sauces and crunchy bits. | FB: YoleSingapore | IG: @yolesingapore

6) Yami Yogurt

Yami Yogurt

Yami (Yogurt Acidophilus Milk) prides itself in using fresh ingredients rather than relying on the powdered mix to create their yogurt base. Expect assorted flavours such as honeydew, macadamia nut, green apple and pineapple. You can choose to enjoy your favourite yogurt in a cup or a crispy waffle cone. Keep in mind their flavours vary at each outlet so do contact their respective branches beforehand if you’re looking for a specific flavour! | FB: yami.yogurt | IG: @myyamiyogurt

7) CoolMan Froyo

CoolMan Froyo

Known as the first halal-certified Italian yogurt outlet in Singapore, Coolman Froyo specialises in Italian-style frozen yogurts. There are generally three types you can choose here: Classic (yogurt with fresh fruit & sauce), Chunky (yogurt with one to three toppings of your choice) and Parfait (yogurt with fresh fruit, crunch and sauce). Deliveries are also available for orders from 20 to 5,000 cups.

FB: CoolMan Froyo | IG: @coolmanfroyo

8) Nectar SG

Nectar SG

A specialist in premium Greek frozen yogurt, Nectar only source the freshest ingredients and fruits available to maintain their quality standard. Given their base is made of Greek yogurt, expect a thicker and flavourful taste minus the guilt since Nectar uses both low-sugar and low-fat recipes with no artificial preservatives and additives. You can find Nectar at one of their six outlets including City Square Mall, 112 Katong, Oasis Terraces Punggol, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Jewel Changi Airport and Hwa Chong International School. | FB: nectarsg | IG: @nectar_sg

9) Sogurt


Founded in 2010, Sogurt’s range of low-fat yogurt are all made using New Zealand skimmed milk with healthy coconut oil and less sugar. They have varieties of flavours like lychee, chocolate, peach mango and strawberry yuzu. Like most froyo outlets, you can customise your yogurt base with various add-ons from crunches to sauces. | FB: sogurtsg | IG: @sogurtSG

10) Smöoy Singapore

Smöoy Singapore

Spain-based Smöoy offers freshly-made, yet calcium-rich frozen yogurt that are all low in fat, high fiber and also gluten-free. Available in three different sizes (Mini, Classic or Maxi), they have four assorted flavours ranging from Natural to Ivory with various toppings available as well. You can find Smöoy at OUE Downtown Gallery, Our Tampines Hub, 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, JEM and PLQ Mall. | FB: | IG:

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