Top 10 Fitness Influencers in Singapore

Top 10 Fitness Influencers in Singapore
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We all know that getting fit and healthy helps to boost self-confidence both physically and mentally. But how many of us are getting our hearts pumping and our bodies sweating? Sometimes it helps to have role models to motivate us to start working out. And those role models in question are fitness influencers, where they regularly post updates on social media from showcasing their amazing bods to sharing tips and advice about all things fitness and health. So, here are the Top 10 Fitness Influencers in Singapore!

1) Sabrina Wee

Sabrina Wee

Sabrina Wee has come a long way since her early 20s, where she used to struggle with her own body and insecurities. But it wasn’t until she started to pick up strength training that her whole life turned around. Today, she has become a successful fitness influencer and even founded her own workleisure label called GOYA, offering comfortable athleisure-style work clothes that are both stylish and elegant.

IG: @sabsiez

2) Preston Sin

Preston Sim

With 39.6k followers to date, it’s easy to see why fitness influencer and personal trainer Preston Sin is a source of inspiration to many men out there. Preston’s good looks and impeccable abs aren’t the only ones that are displayed on his Instagram feed. He frequently shares motivational quotes about fitness and life as well, namely offering tips on how to build abs utilising different types of workouts.

FB: Pressonpreston | IG: @pressonpreston

3) Jason Chee

Jason Chee

From being listed as “Bachelor with the Hardest Bod” in CLEO Top 50 Bachelor 2011 to winning Manhunt Singapore 2012, Jason Chee is certainly at the top of his game. His online presence is no slouch either, with both of his Facebook and Instagram feeds attracting sizable followings. He also offers personal training while fans can check out his Fit O’Clock channel on YouTube.

FB: Jason.Chee.Official | IG: @thejasonchee

4) Tyen Ying Rasif

Tyen Ying Rasif

At just 25 years old, Tyen Ying Rasif has already garnered a wealth of experience from becoming a certified personal trainer to taking part in bodybuilding competitions. She even became a finalist in Miss Universe Singapore 2018 and has her own YouTube channel, where she shares related videos like fitness, bodybuilding, music and life. If that’s not enough, she is also a singer and a host of Clicknetwork’s fitness show titled “No Sweat“. To date, this multitalented influencer has attracted 43k followers on her Instagram alone.

IG: @tyenstagram

5) Cheryl Tay

Cheryl Tay

Looking at Cheryl Tay’s Instagram feed, it’s hard not to admire her sheer confidence and high-spirited personality seen on her pictures. But it’s hard to believe that she used to suffer from body issue problems — a result that made Cheryl more determined to overcome her issues by finding self-confidence through fitness. Today, she has inspired many others through her body image movement Rock The Naked Truth. She is also an active Ironman Triathlete and succeeded as among the few female motoring journalists in Singapore. | FB: cheryltaysg | IG: @cheryltaysg

6) Benedict Koh

Benedict Koh

An SMU (Singapore Management University) undergraduate, Benedict Koh found his passion for bodybuilding at the age of 18. His well-toned physique is a result of hard work and dedication, in which he spends his workout routine performing shoulder presses, barbell rows and deadlifts. In 2018, he became an overall champion of the prestigious Fitness Super Star competition. Benedict can be seen on his Instagram feed, sharing the likes of workout regime and healthy meal advice.

IG: @benthegymrat

7) Natalie Yeo

Natalie Yeo

Natalie Yeo, who has 26.8k followers on Instagram, regularly updates her feed with content related to circuit training and HIIT workout videos. She is also a spokesperson for My Protein Singapore as well as other brands like Under Armour and Amazin’ Graze Singapore. Her husband, Joshua Woo (@tidusjwoo) happens to be a fitness influencer as well.

FB: nattylifts | IG: @nattylifts

8) Fay Hokulani

Fay Hokulani

Formerly a TV and radio presenter, Fay Hokulani has since actively been involved in physical fitness. She can be seen sharing health and fitness-related posts on her Instagram feed and self-hosted blog. Her daily fitness routine consists of cycling, yoga and circuit training with weights. She is also a certified personal trainer, having worked at UFIT in Singapore as well as freelancing in Manila. Other than that, Fay is a founding instructor for Barry’s Singapore specialising in strength and cardio interval workout. | FB: hokulanifay | IG: @fayhokulani

9) Hana


A certified 250-hour YTT (yoga teacher training) completist, Hana’s Instagram focuses solely on yoga exercise. She regularly updates her feed with different kinds of yoga poses regardless of pictures and videos, showcasing her amazing flexibility at the same time. At the time of writing, she has gained 15k followers.

IG: @hanadoesyoga

10) Georgina Poh

Georgina Poh

More than just your regular fitness influencer, the twenty-something Georgina Poh has already garnered numerous achievements at just a young age. This includes everything from being a certified personal trainer to Nike NTC Trainer & Influencer and also an ambassador for Nutrifirst. A self-motivator, she frequently posts pictures of her workout sessions on Instagram. | IG: @sugarrandspice

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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