Top 10 Eyelash Services in Singapore

Top 10 Eyelash Services in Singapore
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Most, if not all, girls would dream to have long, lush eyelashes, especially if lashes are short and/or sparse to begin with. The good news is, there are several ways to enhance one’s lashes! Many beauty salons provide different eyelash services, including lash lifting services, as well as eyelash extensions. If you’re wondering where you can go to get your lashes done, check out these Top 10 Eyelash Services in Singapore!

1) Yumi Lashes SG

Yumi Lashes SG

Natural-looking and beautiful lashes are made possible, thanks to Yumi Lashes SG’s signature Keratin Lash Lift & Tint treatment. Using only the finest ingredients developed from France with no harsh chemicals as well as being paraben-free and formaldehyde-free, this eyelash treatment can last up to 2 months. They are hypoallergenic too, meaning you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions while the keratin ingredient helps to nourish and strength your lashes. At the time of writing, Yumi Lashes SG is celebrating its 3rd anniversary where both new and existing customers can enjoy special discounts from now till 9 December 2020. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

FB: YumiLashesSG | IG: @yumilashessg

2) Lash Inc SG

Lash Inc

Lash Inc SG values customer satisfaction while ensuring their products are of the finest qualities possible. For eyelash services, they offer various lash extension choices ranging from Classic to Hybrid, 2D Wink and 6D Glam — all of which are reasonably priced that fit your respective budgets and needs. They also provide YUMI™ Lash Lift and Tint treatment, which is suitable for those who want durable, fuller and long-lasting lashes. | FB: | IG:

3) Beauty Recipe Aesthetics


A one-stop beauty centre with a wealth of experience in related fields, namely eyebrow & lip embroidery, acne facial and hair removal, Beauty Recipe Aesthetics is no stranger to eyelash services, including eyelash extensions, where they use high-quality lashes from Korea. Those who are longing for natural-looking lashes might want to check out their Eyelash Regrowth Stimulation Treatment. This 30-minute treatment helps to fulfil your dream of having fuller, darker and longer lashes. Alternatively, there’s the Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement Eyelash Treatment. Using quality lash lift products from Elleebana Australia, this treatment is suitable for those who want longer-lasting and low-maintenance lashes as well as customers who have sensitive eyes. | FB: beautyrecipesingapore | IG: @thebeautyrecipe

4) Dr. Lash Orchard Central

Dr. Lash Orchard Central

Located at Orchard Central, Dr. Lash specialises in both eyebrow and eyelash services. Led by a team of highly-skilled beauticians, they value both hygiene and quality when comes to providing eyelash extension services. Their procedure is more precise, beginning with a three-step cleansing spa to remove bacteria, dirt and makeup. Other steps like isolating, attaching and mapping each lash are all done meticulously. Dr. Lash also offers different types of eyelashes a.k.a. Lashcraft that suit your respective styles and personalities. For instance, their Khloe K showcases your strength and fearlessness while the Au Naturel enhances your original lashes with thicker looks. You even have the choices of picking your preferred length (from 8mm to 15mm) and curl (natural, bold or super). | FB: drlashsg | IG:

5) Perky Lash

Perky Lash

Perky Lash is particularly renowned for using the world’s first laser-processed lashes, which can be customisable regardless of curls or designs. Those who prefer natural-looking lashes can go for the Gorgeous Unlimited Single Lash. However, if you favour a bolder and stylish look, they have Party Volume Lash or Queen Volume Lash to choose from. Their unique eyelash extension services are also suitable for those who have sensitive eyes and are even 25% more durable than the traditional ones. And most important of all, you don’t have to worry about suffering from potential damages to your natural lashes. You can locate Perky Lash at Nex and Bugis. | FB: PerkyLash | IG: @perkylash

6) Dreamlash Korea

Dreamlash Korea

Dreamlash understands there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to eyelash extensions, and they have the lashes all customised made suitable for different types of eye shapes, covering a wide range of products to choose from. This includes everything from design (e.g. Dolly, Sweet or Gorgeous) to length, curl and thickness. Using only quality products both designed and developed in Korea, all of their lash artists are well-trained at The Lash Academy and certified by Korea EyeLash Association (KELA). | FB: dreamlashkorea | IG: @dreamlashkorea

7) Lash Regrowth

Lash Regrowth

Lash Regrowth, which has two outlets in Novena and Clarke Quay, specialises in their namesake treatment. Using the latest technology from Germany, the treatment helps to stimulate your hair follicles while encouraging your eyelashes to grow naturally. As a result, not only do you get to achieve longer and thicker lashes, but it is also painless and has no side effects. Not convinced whether their lash regrowth treatment is right for you? You can book for a discounted trial session by giving them a call at +65 8261 3088 or fill in the contact form right here. | FB: Lash.Regrowth | IG: @lashregrowth

8) The Brow & Beauty Boutique

The Brow & Beauty Boutique

Mdm Apple Sun, who has managed The Brow & Beauty Boutique since 2013, has been in the semi-permanent makeup business for over 25 years. Her services range from eyebrow to lip, hairline embroidery and also Keratin Lashlift treatment. For the latter, the treatment is suitable for those who want a longer-lasting result without relying on the typical fake eyelashes or lash extensions. Customers can expect both a comfortable and painless treatment throughout the process, which typically lasts around 60 minutes. Best of all, the products used for the Keratin Lashlift treatment contains no harsh chemicals, parabens and are free from formaldehyde. | FB: browbeautyboutique | IG: @the_browandbeauty_boutique

9) The Lash Chapter

The Lash Chapter

This award-winning beauty salon, which has three branches in Delfi Orchard, KAP Mall and The Flow Mall, specialises in keratin lash lift treatments. Or more specifically, the YUMI™ Lash Lift & Tint, an innovative technology from France designed to maximise the curve, length and thickness of your natural lashes. The treatment is favoured by many satisfied customers including personalities such as Aimee Cheng Bradshaw, Bonnie Loo and Zoe Tay. | FB: thelashchapter | IG: @thelashchapter

10) The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist is an expert in eyelash extension services, where customers can get beautiful eyelashes in less than 2 hours. Their eyelashes are also made to last up to 2 months while customers can pick their preferred length and style. They only utilise FDA-approved adhesive made suitable for eyelashes application. Some of their eyelash extension services available include Synthetic Lashes, Silk Lashes and Handmade Korean Milk (Gold Class). Trial prices are also available for newcomers. | FB: PrestigeEyebrowLash | IG: @prestigeeyebrowlash

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